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Medium Voltage Switchgear - GMK

Medium Voltage Outdoor Switchgear for connecting Renewables and Private Infrastructure.

The GMK is a medium voltage circuit breaker, protection relay, power quality monitor, SCADA RTU and interlocked earth switch in a pad mount kiosk.

Choose your GMK voltage class from 11 kV to 38 kV. Further options include integrated revenue metering, internal arc classification, or auto-changeover designs.

The complete assembly is tested at the factory in Brisbane Australia - saving big on site commissioning and engineering charges.

GMK Variants

Examples of the Ground Mount Kiosk's versatility to address any Underground Network Protection Challenge.

  • Aerial photo of solar panels and NOJA Power GMK

    Solar Farm Connection

    The Kanowna Solar Farm was connected to the MV distribution grid with the NOJA Power GMK, allowing the asset developers to address all connection requirements with a single, factory tested product.

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  • NOJA Power GMK

    Auto Changeover for Critical Supply

    Two NOJA Power GMK's serve the rail electrification supply with a fibre-optic connected auto changeover scheme running between the units, providing an added layer of supply reliability for critical infrastructure.

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  • NOJA Power GMK mounted on a gantry

    Mining Switchgear

    This GMK installation provides electrical protection and control for one of Australia's largest mining projects in WA's Pilbara region. The integrated protection functionality of NOJA Power's RC-10 Control in this assembly provides safe and reliable power for this critical infrastructure project.

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  • NOJA Power GMK with Doors Open

    Waste Gas Generator Connection

    Located in Western Sydney, this NOJA Power GMK was used to connect a gas turbine generator powered by recovered methane from landfill. This installation included generation metering, remote control and monitoring.

  • NOJA Power GMK in a warehouse

    Infrastructure Connections to Existing Overhead Assets

    The POWINS-NOJA Power Mobile Substation facilitates planned infrastructure operations that have a requirement to “take from” or “export to” an existing overhead service. The NOJA Power GMK provides a 15 kV OSM Recloser and load side interlocked earthing switch in an environmentally resilient assembly.

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  • Tesla Battery Energy Storage equipment connected to the medium voltage distribution grid through a NOJA Power GMK

    Battery Storage Connection to MV Distribution Grid

    5 MW of Tesla Battery Energy Storage equipment were connected to the medium voltage distribution grid through a NOJA Power GMK. This system improves the networks’ ability to integrate more renewable energy by improving system strength for asynchronous generation.

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  • Two NOJA Power GMK's

    Photovoltaic (PV) & Battery Storage Connection

    The GMK-3000 and RC-20 controller provides both conventional protection and utility Power Quality monitoring. The GMK-4000 houses two NOJA Power OSM units configured as Circuit Breakers complete with RC-10 controllers. Having two circuit breakers allows load shedding under a switching agreement with the local utility.

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  • Electrical equipment near a railway line

    Protection of Underground Cables

    NOJA Power’s GMK product provides DIN taper bushings for direct underground cable terminations onto the device. The segregated nature of the GMK design also splits the device into three separate compartments – the Cable Bay, the HV cabinet with Switchgear and the Low Voltage Instrument Panel.

Factory Tested to the most rigorous industry standards.

The GMK allows for a fully specified and encapsulated switchgear arrangement to be built and tested in the clean room environment of the state of the art NOJA Power manufacturing campus in Brisbane Australia.

GMK-1000 Series Kiosks

Compact GMK-1000 series, to 27 kV with a 1.1m x 1.1m footprint.

NOJA Power GMK-1000

GMK-2000 Series Kiosks

Highly Customisable GMK-2000 series, rated to 38kV with options of Earth Switches, Revenue Metering, Power Quality Metering or more.

NOJA Power GMK-2000 Series Kiosks

GMK-3000 Series Kiosks

Highly Customisable GMK-3000 series with Internal Arc Classification, rated to 38kV with options of Earth Switches, Revenue Metering, Power Quality Metering or more.

NOJA Power GMK-3000 Series Kiosks

GMK-4000 Series Kiosks

Also known as the Auto-Changeover GMK, this design provides two NOJA Power OSM Reclosers within the same Ground Mount Kiosk Enclosure.

This design topology is applied in two primary cases:

  • Supply Critical Load from Two Alternative Sources
  • Renewable Energy Connection
NOJA Power GMK-4000 Series Kiosks
NOJA Power GMK in a substation

NOJA Power

GMK Switchgear Application Guide for DERs


Save thousands on your project by minimizing commissioning and on-site electrical works with the fully integrated NOJA Power GMK.