NOJA Power


Solar Farm

Quality System - AS/NZS ISO 9001 Certified

Our goal is to satisfy our customers' requirements by providing integrated solutions using a range of innovative products that are considered the best in the world. To this end, all NOJA Power products are developed from a basis of fundamental research by our staff.

Safety Management Systems–ISO 45001 Certified

NOJA Power are certified to ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety, providing a framework to increase safety, reduce workplace risks and enhance health and wellbeing at work.

Environmental System - AS/NZS ISO 14001 Certified

NOJA Power is committed to environmental responsibility in serving its customers. NOJA Power observes the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14001 standard within the environmental policy and the environmental management plan.

Energy Management–ISO 50001

Implementation of an ISO 50001 standard within an organisation is aimed at enabling a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy use, consumption, efficiency and security.

ISO 50001: 2018 Certificate