NOJA Power

Remote HMI App

A Familiar Interface: Full HMI Panel Functionality

Improve operator safety without security compromise.

The Remote HMI App adds physical isolation between electrical equipment and operators. Combined with the Bluetooth Accessory for RC Series controls, operators can securely authenticate and wirelessly access Recloser Controllers reducing risk of injury or electrical shock.

Remote Connectivity

Use the USB Bluetooth dongle to connect to NOJA Power RC-02, RC-03, RC-10 and RC-15 Controllers.

NOJA Power engineer using the Remote HMI App

Serious safety risk mitigation for network businesses and electricity asset operators

NOJA Power Remote HMI App

A Human Machine Interface Mobile Replica

Conduct all operator activities normally without physically accessing the equipment

  • Reading Close/Open Logs and Fault Reports
  • Modifying Protection and control settings
  • Checking System Performance parameters such as circuit breaker wear, battery status, and SCADA Communications status
NOJA Power engineer using the remote HMI App

A comprehensive operational replacement for physical HMI access, available on Apple and Android stores today for $49 AUD.

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