NOJA Power


Commitment and Policies

NOJA Power is committed to acting ethically and responsibly in all our activities. Therefore, NOJA Power has a Corporate Integrity Program that includes the following policies:

  • Code of Conduct and Corporate Integrity Policy
  • Integrity Procedures for Contracting and Management of Third Parties

All members of NOJA Power (senior management and employees), as well as third parties with whom we relate, are subject to and must comply with NOJA Power’s Corporate Integrity Program.

Whistleblowing, Communication and Reporting Channel

NOJA Power makes available to all its Complaints, Communication and Reports Channel

It is an open channel to receive reports of acts that are not compatible with our values, unethical or illegal conduct.

NOJA Power guarantees the confidentiality and anonymity of the reports, as well as the protection of bona fide whistleblowers against retaliatory measures.

Responsible body

The Risk Management and Compliance Committee was designated as the body responsible for NOJA Power’s Corporate Integrity Program and the Whistleblowing, Communication and Reporting Channel.