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Published 04/2020

NOJA Power Release Dual Supply Renewable Energy Connection Kiosk Switchgear

NOJA Power GMK in service as a generation point of connection within a solar farm with the sun setting in the background
NOJA Power GMK in service as a generation point of connection

Electrical switchgear engineering firm NOJA Power today confirm the release of their new product, the Dual Supply GMK. Designed to maximise renewable generation asset uptime, the Dual Supply GMK provides renewable operators with an option to increase their commercial viability and ROI performance under generation restraint or equipment failure. Whilst the energy market is evolving to handle the demands of high renewable penetration, the NOJA Power Dual Supply GMK allows solar and renewable installation operators to split their generation capacity among two supply incomers, providing a staged mitigation to load shedding or asset maintenance.

NOJA Power GMK-4000

At its core, the Dual Supply GMK is essentially two grid connections in a cubicle. It has two OSM Recloser solid dielectric insulated vacuum interrupting circuit breakers, supplied complete with the NOJA Power RC control system. This topology provides all protection, control and automation required for renewable connections, including Rate of Change of Frequency(ROCOF) and Voltage Vector Shift (VVS) protection. Additional options such as revenue metering can be incorporated in the customisation of the equipment, allowing for a fully customised solution to be factory tested, shipped and delivered complete to site.

Computer figure of Basic Connection Topology
Figure 2 – Basic Connection Topology

These two reclosers provide the protection and point of connection to the grid, with the reclosers’ outgoing busbars connected and unified to a single outgoing cable connection.

In the event of requested load shedding, the operator has the option to isolate only part of the installation, reducing the generation in accordance with the split between the incoming feeders. Furthermore, maintenance outages which traditionally implied zero generation can be mitigated, as the outages lead only to partial generation reduction. The section under fault or maintenance can simply be isolated, while the remainder of the installation remains in service.

“Our dual supply GMK product for underground cable applications will help large scale renewable energy investors maximise their return on investment,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan. “As most grid connections require the ability for the utility to disconnect the renewable generator when load conditions require, if the utility has the ability to disconnect only half the renewable generation rather than the entire renewable generation only improved revenue streams for the renewable generator will be achieved thereby achieving better return on investment.”

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