NOJA Power

Recloser Mobile App

An Innovation in Operator Safety: For an Air Gap of safety for Local Recloser operators

Secure Local Interrogation of the NOJA Power RC Series Controllers for field operators

Field Operational Hazards and Asset Earthing issues can cause additional risk for operators. Improve safety with the NOJA Power Recloser App, allowing operators to wirelessly interrogate the RC controller with their mobile device

App on tablet

Remote Connectivity

Use the native secure WiFi in an RC-15 or add your own WiFi Modem to the RC-10

Select Read Only or Control modes of operation to maintain security whilst enhancing operator safety.

App on iPhone X

A Remote Human Machine Interface

Grant the standard HMI controls to a locally connected wireless mobile device.

  • Trip / close
  • Local / Remote
  • Active Protection Group
  • Protection On/Off
  • Auto Reclose On/Off
  • Live Line On/Off
  • Earth Fault On/Off
  • Sensitive Earth Fault On/Off
  • Under Voltage On/Off
  • Over Voltage On/Off
  • Automatic Backfeed Restoration On/Off
  • Cold Load Pickup On/Off
  • Hot Line Tag On/Off
App mockup on iPhones

Check Measurements while keeping operators Isolated from the System

Copper theft and earthing degradation hazards are easily mitigated when operators no longer need to touch equipment to take measurements. Use the Recloser App to safely read:

  • 3 phase current
  • Local / Remote
  • 3 phase voltage ( all six bushings )
  • Frequency
  • Power
  • Power Factor
  • Power flow direction
  • Energy
App mockup on iPhones