NOJA Power

Press Release

Published 07/2023

NOJA Power Releases New Functionality for RC-10 and RC-15 Recloser Controllers

NOJA Power OSM Recloser, Malanda, Queensland, Australia

The firmware and corresponding version of CMS is available from the following location:

Key functionality advancements in this release include 2nd and 5th Harmonic Inrush Blocking, Edition 2 IEC 61850 MMS, multi-stage frequency protection and support for single-double switchgear configurations.

2nd and 5th Harmonic Inrush restraint functionality is applicable to installations with older generation transformers, where the hysteresis curves of these assets can be exploited to differentiate between transformer inrush and genuine faults. A further explanation of this phenomenon is available at the following link:

The advancement of the 61850 implementation in the NOJA Power RC-10 and RC-15 platform allows further integration of this recloser system into advanced IEC 61850 communications schemes.

Multistage frequency protection is applicable to renewable generation connections, as some international standards require varied time responses depending on frequency excursion severity. This feature set allows the RC-10 and RC-15 platform to continue its leading role alongside the RC-20 in integrating renewable energy assets to the distribution grid.

Support for single double configurations are applied in North American distribution networks, where phase to ground transformer connections are common and two phase connections are applied. This configuration is similar to the two-pole single phase configuration applied in European style networks, but the phase to ground load connections allow for single pole tripping.

“With our ongoing commitment to our global install base this new firmware release is available for all customers to download and upgrade the functionality in their existing install bases at no charge creating continuous value for our customers well beyond the purchase of our equipment,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O'Sullivan.

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