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Published 11/2022

NOJA Power releases New Recloser Control, the RC-03

NOJA Power releases New Recloser Control, the RC-03

Switchgear engineering firm NOJA Power have released a new controller for their OSM Recloser products, named the RC-03.

The RC-03 is an entry level controller for NOJA Power’s suite of switchgear. Built on the same core field-proven RC-10 Recloser Control electronics, the RC-03 achieves cost optimisations through multiple specification updates.

An added benefit of this design is the increased simplicity for operators, while retaining the power and flexibility of product application for Protection and SCADA engineers.

While both the RC-03 and RC-10 share the same core electronics, firmware, and control software, there are a key list of differentiators between these units. This makes NOJA Power’s OSM Recloser system with RC-03 control financially viable for a larger range of network applications.

Key optimisations include:

  • Consolidation of all discrete modules into a single Control Module
  • Removal of the Large Screen HMI - This has been replaced by a set of buttons mounted directly onto the control module, and an optional mobile HMI application which replicates the standard RC-10 HMI.
  • Reduction in physical dimensions of the controller
  • Removal of both the upper and lower Escutcheon Panel
  • Reduction in Ampere Hour capacity of the battery
NOJA Power RC-03 with OSM15-12-630-310 Recloser © NOJA Power 2022
NOJA Power RC-03 with OSM15-12-630-310 Recloser © NOJA Power 2022

When paired with the new OSM15-12-630-310 Recloser, the RC-03 offers the most cost effective three phase recloser package available from NOJA Power.

“Whilst the RC-03 is our new entry level control it still has all of the power functionality and capability of the RC-10 product but packaged into a more economical hardware solution,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

“Combined with NOJA Power HMI app available from Apple and Android stores, the HMI that has been removed in the reduced cost variant, it is available as an app instead to enjoy the same HMI functionality in your hands.”

NOJA Power’s Remote HMI Mobile App is available from the Android and Apple stores.

The addition of the RC-03 Recloser control to the NOJA Power product line allows end users to access NOJA Power quality and reliability at a new entry level price. For more information, visit or contact your local NOJA Power distributor.

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