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Published 07/2023

Introducing NOJA Power PQS


Power quality performance is essential for the reliability of the distribution grid. Power quality problems, such as high network harmonics, or deviations from nameplate voltages, cause premature aging of equipment and early failures of expensive network assets. Poor power quality also exposes distribution network customers to risk of equipment malfunction and degradation.

According to multiple studies, including the 2015 paper by the University of Wollongong, by the early 2000s, poor power quality was attributed to over $100 billion loss.

Therefore, a reliable network must have a clear goal of mitigating power quality issues. This is the core reason why all of NOJA Power OSM Recloser products are supplied with power quality monitoring capabilities.

All current NOJA Power Recloser Controllers, the RC-02, RC-03, RC-10, RC-15 and RC-20, provide power quality monitoring. This includes harmonic analysis up to the 15th harmonic, which is extended to the 63rd harmonic in the RC-20. Voltage sags and swells are also monitored, along with interruptions. All this data is stored in PQDif or COMTRADE formats in the Recloser controllers. This data requires analysis however, and for users of the OSM Recloser, NOJA Power has released the complimentary NOJA Power PQS software package.

PQS, or Power Quality Software, is a lightweight power quality data analysis tool, that allows engineers to import the data gathered from NOJA Power RC series controls and analyse power quality information. Trends on voltage movements, harmonic profiles, and network performances can be graphed and analysed over time, providing early warnings for emergent power quality issues requiring further engineering investigation or rectification.

“As the world transitions to greener energy production using inverter connected generation, there is potential to introduce significant power quality issues to the grid unless it is monitored,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O'Sullivan.

“Our product has built in power quality monitoring capability that provides our utility customers with the tools they need to identify power quality issues at the source.”

NOJA Power PQS Software is available from the Recloser Controller resources page on the company website, located here:

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