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Published 11/2020

NOJA Power Releases New Training Videos

Screenshot of NOJA Power Training Videos
NOJA Power Releases New Training Videos

Following the popularity of NOJA Power’s Control and Management Software (CMS) instructional videos, NOJA Power have added new videos to this series.

Available on YouTube, these videos cover the fundamentals of protection feature configuration in the OSM Recloser system with RC-10 or RC-15 control.

Features such as Overcurrent, Earth Fault, Negative Phase Sequence Protection through to ROCOF and Voltage Protection element configuration are covered, providing engineers and technicians with a concise reference to operating the OSM Recloser system.

Screenshot from the CMS Course – How to Configure Earth Fault Protection
Screenshot from the CMS Course – How to Configure Earth Fault Protection

For users operating legacy firmware versions of NOJA Power’s RC-10 and RC-15 controls, updates to the latest version are entirely complementary – available from the firm or their global distributor base. The latest version, relay 1.25, includes Directional Power, Multi Master SCADA and IPv6. These features are designed to facilitate the digitization and decentralisation trends of the distribution grid, ensuring the OSM Recloser system remains an effective protection, control and automation asset in the electrical engineering toolkit.

“CMS software is provided to our registered customers at no charge,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan. “It is not only a powerful setting management and configuration tool, but it also has a built-in protection coordination package and simulation package that allows protection settings to be tested using tertiary injection with a PC and simulation tool. It is complimented by PQS, our power quality software, and SGA, our smart grid automation software, that allows customers to develop automation schemes using IEC61499 logic.” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

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