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Published 06/2018

NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® Passes Type Tests

Victorious Engineers Celebrate Crossing the Final Product Development Challenge

Group of NOJA Power Staff at the KEMA Laboratory standing next to the VISI-SWITCH®
NOJA Power Staff at the KEMA Laboratory with the VISI-SWITCH®

Australian Switchgear Manufacturer NOJA Power today celebrates the successful Type Testing of their new VISI-SWITCH® product. The VISI-SWITCH® is the world’s first Solid Dielectric Insulated Load Break Switch with integrated Visible Isolation gap. The VISI-SWITCH® has been type tested to IEC 62271-103 at the KEMA Laboratories in Arnhem, the Netherlands. With the successful completion of Type Testing, the NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® is now ready for market service as a final design.

“Our new VISI-SWITCH® product passing the KEMA type testing is a significant milestone for NOJA Power,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan. “The VISI-SWITCH® product offers our electricity utility customers a pole mounted load break switch with increased safety and reliability while reducing their impact on the environment. It will drive a complete revolution in overhead enclosed load break switches worldwide.”
Close up of NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH at testing factory

The VISI-SWITCH® type test result is the product of a three-year Research and Development program at NOJA Power. The company invests a substantial proportion of revenue into its ongoing R&D program, generating a multitude of patents and intellectual property. The VISI-SWITCH® represents an evolution in distribution switchgear technology, where the cascaded Isolator and Vacuum Interrupter provide a system architecture that delivers both electrical interruption capacity and exceptional safety.

NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH connected to test at KEMA in the Netherlands
NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH after test at KEMA

NOJA Power’s manufacturing campus in Brisbane Australia has been expanded for construction of the VISI-SWITCH® production lines, as preliminary utility demand indicates volumes significantly higher than their Recloser product. Internationally, utilities have placed orders for units prior to the verification of type testing – an unusual practice for capital equipment but highly indicative of the market demand for this class of product. The culture of innovation that NOJA Power is fostering is shared with the vision of the world’s utility operators as they evolve their grids to meet the requirements of the future.

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