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Published 08/2017

The First NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® Ordered

NOJA Power Celebrates the First Order of its revolutionary NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH®

Spirits are running high at NOJA Power HQ as the switchgear manufacturer celebrates the very first order of its revolutionary VISI-SWITCH®. This pioneering equipment is the world’s first Pole Mounted Load Break Switch with an enclosed sequential visible break. With no SF6 gas and an enclosed isolator, the NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® is the ideal solution to the age-old network operation challenge of achieving a visible break without compromising reliability.


With the first production models passing NOJA Power’s test regime, the decision has been made to open the order book to customers around the globe to secure a sample unit, offering a chance to utilities and private industry to put the new NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® through its paces.

NOJA Power would like to thank all the utilities, engineering and research experts for their counsel and of course the tireless efforts of the NOJA Power R&D Engineering team. The VISI-SWITCH® is the result of a tremendous team effort tackling engineering challenges which have never been solved before.

The utility evaluation process for switchgear is often conducted over a considerable time period. Through the pre-order process, utilities can minimise their risk of evaluation delays as the technology is deployed to the field. The Brisbane manufacturer has been constructing production lines for the new product after their 2016 facility expansion. This expanded capacity sees an increase to manufacturing capabilities for both the NOJA Power OSM® Recloser as well as inclusion of the VISI-SWITCH® to the manufacturing portfolio. Pre-orders of a VISI-SWITCH® secure production schedule allocations immediately after the commissioning of the production lines, with first deliveries for the NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® anticipated for Q2 2018.


NOJA Power has developed a world class test facility at its R&D Centre in Brisbane Australia, equipping the manufacturer with the capability to type test its own developments prior to external certification. The internal testing capabilities at NOJA Power have been instrumental in securing the optimum development time to bring a reliable and industrialised product to market.

“The NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® will revolutionise overhead enclosed load break switchgear and take safety to new levels for linesmen worldwide,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

To join the order list or for further information, please contact your local NOJA Power representative.

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