What does “Integrated Solution” truly mean?

In a world where marketing clichés run rampant, the electrical engineering profession is no exception. Terms such as Innovation, Solutions and Disruption are a few of the buzz words which engineering marketing literature has overused to the point of complete lack of meaning, but one concept remains which has value when truly applied: integration.

NOJA Power Issued with a Notice of Conformity Certificate by the UK Energy Networks Association (ENA)

New Product Release: NOJA Power Unveil 16kA and 1000A Overload Rating for New 38kV Recloser

NOJA Power 38-kV ACR and earth switch in customised ground mount kiosk provides cost-effective and portable solution for distributed generation grid connection

NOJA Power highlights how Automatic Circuit Reclosers will make it simpler and less expensive to connect renewable energy sources to smart grids

NOJA Power highlights how Automatic Circuit Reclosers provide new answers for dealing with single-phase earth faults on distribution grids

NOJA Power’s advanced logic functionality enhances Automatic Circuit Recloser flexibility in distribution automation applications

Upgraded NOJA Power OSM15 310 series Automatic Circuit Recloser passes type test for 16-kA maximum interrupt rating

Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces that its OSM15 310 series 15-kV Automatic Circuit Recloser (ACR or “auto-recloser”) has been type tested by an independent test laboratory for compliance with IEC62271-111 and IEEE C37.60 standards for a 16-kA maximum interrupt rating. This represents a significant upgrade on the previous product certification for a rating of 12.5 kA.

NOJA Power circuit breakers standing guard over Castelao Stadium in Fortaleza during the Brazil vs Mexico World Cup game

Independent certification to international standards underwrites NOJA Power OSM recloser reliability