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Published 06/2023

NOJA Power Releases Online Training Academy

NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O'Sullivan addresses the audience

As NOJA Power approaches 100,000 installations of their OSM Recloser systems with RC Control, the company today launches an online training platform dubbed the “NOJA Power Academy”.

The training academy is a complimentary service to all existing user organisations with registered NOJA Power website accounts. If your organisation has a NOJA Power product in service, your Academy access can be granted by your NOJA Power representative.

Once logged in to the NOJA Power website, the access to the training academy is through the headline menu on the website on

Screenshot of NOJA Power website, logged in perspective with Academy Access
Screenshot of NOJA Power website, logged in perspective with Academy Access

NOJA Power’s Academy is a growing library of courses on various topics associated with products developed by the company.

The platform launch course is an overview of configuring NOJA Power’s OSM Reclosers with the CMS Software package. Participants who complete the training package and pass the associated quizzes are awarded a certificate of attainment, verifying their competence in the topic area.

Future courses will include an overview of medium voltage protection systems, basics of SCADA control of OSM Reclosers, and an overview of Power Quality capabilities.

“Our customers are always interested in learning more about our products, so we have now launched the NOJA Power Academy,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O'Sullivan.

“It’s a self-learning online portal where you can complete a series of learning experiences followed by multiple choice questions and on the successful completion of the courses obtain a Certificate of Attainment to verify that you have gained additional experience and competences in our products.”

“We hope you enjoy the new learning experience available to all accredited secure access users.”

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