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Published 09/2023

NOJA Power Pledges Net Carbon Zero by 2030

By Neil O'Sullivan - Group Managing Director NOJA Power

NOJA Power OSM Recloser installation in Victoria, Australia

On behalf of NOJA Power, The Board and our Executive Management Team, we are pleased to announce that NOJA Power pledges to achieve Net Carbon Zero by 2030.

NOJA Power was founded on principles of Environmental sustainability. Our first product, the OSM Recloser, provided electricity utilities with a sustainable alternative to the prevailing polluting SF6 technology reclosers of the day.

We adopted the ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management in the early years of NOJA Power, and over time have incorporated the ISO 50001 Energy management standard and most recently, the ISO 14067 calculation for Carbon footprint calculation.

Neil O'Sullivan, NOJA Power Group Managing Director with the NOJA Power EcoBreaker®
Neil O'Sullivan, NOJA Power Group Managing Director with the NOJA Power EcoBreaker®

Every year, we establish new goals for minimising our waste, our carbon footprint, and our energy usage.

With this pledge, we will work on minimising our carbon contributions, while offering our customers the opportunity to offset the carbon content of their products purchased from us.

Today we can offer a Carbon Neutral OSM Recloser as an option to our customers.

This is achieved through both our internal emissions reductions schemes, and an auditable offset of carbon against the whole lifecycle impact of the product.

In our journey to 2030, we will work to find ways to make this accessible to all our customers, so that NOJA Power’s total impact is Net Carbon Zero.

Our growing portfolio of products, such as the NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH®, NOJA Power EcoBreaker® Substation Circuit Breaker and our EcoLink® are all aligned with the journey towards a sustainable, decarbonised electricity distribution grid.

We look forward to supporting our global customers on their journey in supply chain decarbonisation and energy sustainability.

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