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Published 07/2022

Product Launch: New OSM Recloser

International Electrical Engineering firm NOJA Power has taken first orders for their newly released 15 kV 310 series Recloser.

Built on the proven OSM310 Recloser architecture, this new OSM310 design offers cost savings in exchange for lower nameplate ratings, making the product an ideal alternative for rural networks where equipment specifications often vastly exceed practical application.

The new OSM Recloser model joins its peers in the OSM310 range under the part code of OSM15-12-630-310, indicating its ratings of 15 kV, 12.5 kA interrupt and 630 A operating current respectively.

While the new OSM310 offers the lowest performance specifications in NOJA Power’s product range, no expense has been spared in comprehensive type testing of the product.

The new OSM310 15kV Recloser underwent rigorous type testing at KEMA in the Netherlands, achieving certification in accordance with the IEEE C37.60 2019 standard.

A NOJA Power 310 Series OSM15 Recloser ©2022 NOJA Power
A NOJA Power 310 Series OSM15 Recloser ©2022 NOJA Power

These results provide a comprehensive set of type tests for the new OSM310 product, offering engineering assurance and clear risk mitigation for engineering teams deploying the OSM15-12-630-310 Recloser.

A specification comparison table of the OSM310 Series reclosers is available below.

Technical Specification Sheet

OSM Type(1) NEW OSM15-12-630 OSM-15-16-800 OSM-27-12-800 OSM-38-12-800 OSM-38-16-800

Manufacturing Model






Rated maximum voltage

15.5 kV

15.5 kV

27 kV

38 kV

38 kV

Rated continuous current 630 A 800 A 800 A 800 A 800 A
Fault make capacity RMS 12.5 kA 16 kA 12.5 kA 12.5 kA 16 kA
Fault make capacity Peak (50Hz) 31.5 kA 40 kA 31.5 kA 31.5 kA 40 kA
Fault make capacity Peak (60Hz) 32.5 kA 42 kA 32.5 kA 32.5 kA 42 kA
Fault break capacity 12.5 kA 16 kA 12.5 kA 12.5 kA 16 kA
Asymmetrical Breaking Current 13 kA 17 kA 13 kA 13 kA 17 kA
DC component Interruption capacity 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Mechanical operations 10000 30000 30000 30000 30000
Full Load Operations 10000 30000 30000 30000 30000
Fault break capacity operations 70 70 140 100 140
Short time current withstand 3 seconds 12.5 kA 16 kA 16 kA 12.5 kA 16 kA
Mainly active breaking capacity 630 A 800 A 800 A 800 A 800 A
Cable charging current 10 A 25 A 25 A 40 A 40 A
Line charging current 2 A 5 A 5 A 5 A 5 A
Impulse withstand across the interrupter 110 kV 110 kV 150 kV 170 kV 170 kV
Impulse withstand phase to earth and phase to phase 110 kV 110 kV 150 kV 195 kV 200 kV
Power frequency withstand phase to earth (dry) and across the interrupter 50 kV 50 kV 60 kV 70 kV 70 kV
Arc Fault Current Duration 12.5 kA/1s 16 kA/0.2 s(2) 16 kA/0.2 s(2) 12.5 kA/1 s 12.5 kA/1 s
Closing Time <60 ms <60 ms <60 ms <70 ms <70 ms
Opening Time <30 ms <30 ms <30 ms <30 ms <30 ms
Interrupting Time <50 ms <50 ms <50 ms <50 ms <50 ms
Arcing Time <20 ms <20 ms <20 ms <20 ms <20 ms

Recloser Control Compatibility

The new OSM15-12-630-310 Recloser launches with full compatibility with the current generation of NOJA Power RC Series Controls, including the RC-03 value offering, the RC-10/15 system or the advanced RC-20 Recloser Control system.

“As our customers around the world continue to invest in increasing reliability with higher levels of automation on their distribution networks, many overhead lines, particularly in rural applications, require lower current rated products so we have responded to this market requirement with our new OSM15 630 ampere product,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

“Combined with our RC-03 control, the two offer a more economical solution for lower current rated applications.”

For more information, visit or contact your local NOJA Power Distributor.

A NOJA Power 310 Series OSM15 Recloser ©2022 NOJA Power
A NOJA Power 310 Series OSM15 Recloser ©2022 NOJA Power

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