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Published 02/2022

New NOJA Power Remote HMI Mobile App

NOJA Power HMI panels overlain over a photo of an OSM Recloser installation, with text 'HMI: Remote HMI App' in the bottom right corner

Australian switchgear engineers and manufacturing firm NOJA Power today announces the launch of new mobile device app, “NOJA Power Remote HMI”.

This safety innovation is a mobile device application replica of the standard NOJA Power HMI Panel. Operators can connect to NOJA Power RC-02, RC-03, RC-10 and RC-15 controllers using the Remote HMI app over Bluetooth.

A Familiar Interface – the NOJA Power Remote HMI App
A Familiar Interface – the NOJA Power Remote HMI App ©2022 NOJA Power

Unlike prior versions of NOJA Power Recloser Apps, this version offers the full functionality of the HMI panel. Accessing logs, updating settings configuration and changing operating mode are all possible through an authenticated connection with the device.

The release of the NOJA Power Remote HMI app coincides with the release of a new NOJA Power Bluetooth Module. This optional accessory is designed for industrial applications, and provides Bluetooth functionality to any RC-02, RC-03, RC-10 or RC-15 recloser controller.

"Our range of RC controls has always been famous for large, clear LCD displays,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.
“This app now puts the display in the hands of the linesmen with a Bluetooth connection to provide an even better user experience."
Electrical substation equipment with NOJA Power OSM Reclosers installed, in front of solar farm in Ukraine
A NOJA Power OSM Recloser with RC Control connecting a Solar Farm to the Electricity Distribution Grid ©2022 NOJA Power

The addition of wireless communications improves safety for operators, providing a significant air gap between electrical equipment and the HMI.

NOJA Power’s Remote HMI Mobile App is available from the Android and Apple stores for 49 AUD, subject to local taxes.

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