NOJA Power

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Published 08/2022

NOJA Power Saves More Than Two Million Sheets of Paper Per Year

Driven by continuous improvement in compliance to ISO 14001 Environmental Management, International Switchgear design firm NOJA Power has moved its product manuals online, directly accessible via QR codes printed on their switchgear devices.

As the firm produces over 10,000 switchgear units per year, this change reduces annual paper usage by over two million printed sheets.

“Everyone has a digital device today, so eliminating hardcopy manuals for the products we ship, and providing instructions in the door panels with QR codes to access up to date technical manuals using our customers' chosen digital devices in their language variant, is a better solution for everyone, not to mention the positive environmental impact it also delivers,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

While printed manuals will still be available for special order, they will no longer be included as standard in the product.

NOJA Power has held ISO 14001 accreditation for over a decade, with a focus on implementing lasting sustainable business practices. This initiative was implemented alongside other environmental improvement practices, including the maximisation of recyclable materials used in manufacture of the product.

NOJA Power door label example
NOJA Power door label example

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