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Published 12/2022

Introducing the NOJA Power EcoLink

NOJA Power EcoLink

Switchgear engineering firm NOJA Power announce the launch of their new fuse cut-out mounted single phase recloser, the NOJA Power EcoLink.

The NOJA Power EcoLink is a live-tank reclosing circuit breaker, capable of self-powering on as low as 0.15 Amperes of primary current, with a minimum protection setting of 1 Ampere primary.

Designed as a fuse replacement device, the EcoLink has reclosing capabilities, a suite of fuse characteristic protection curves, and conventional IEEE and IEC standard time current curves.

The core applications of the NOJA Power EcoLink include:

  1. Protection and Reliability Improvement of rural lines with low line current
  2. Protection of Lateral Feeders in an IEEE standard 4 wire distribution network
  3. Fuse Replacement, as part of a reliability program, and
  4. Fire Mitigation

The EcoLink provides fire mitigation and safety benefits, as the patented interlock manual lever mandates the opening of the internal VI, prior to removal of the device from the fuse holder for isolation. This mitigates external arc risk, and also provides a fire mitigation alternative to conventional Expulsion Drop Out (EDO) fuses.

Advanced capabilities of the unit include rapid overcurrent protection based on Rate of Change of Current, allowing for faster interruption times.

The NOJA Power EcoLink is a lightweight device at 6.5 kg, and is compatible with most existing network fuse holders.

Configuration of the unit is achieved through secure wireless connection, with IEEE 1686 guided cybersecurity features included as standard.

NOJA Power’s EcoLink will enter production in Q4 of 2023.

“The EcoLink is one of the most exciting new products to be launched this year in terms of Medium Voltage Distribution Switchgear products,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

“It solves many of the problems our customers experience today with their fuse replacement products and we are looking forward to have it in volume production in 2023.”

To register interest or for more information, visit the EcoLink landing page.

Download EcoLink FlyerWatch EcoLink Launch Video

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