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Published 06/2022

High Altitudes, Low Temperatures

A Frosty NOJA Power Installation

Countries all around the world have been experiencing unusual weather patterns and events, and Australia has been no exception. Starting the year with exceptionally high rainfalls and a major flood event, Aussie’s have swapped the thongs (flip flops) for socks and warm clothes as a polar blast sweeps over southern and eastern parts of the country.

With maximum temperatures plunging, strong winds and snowfall in some parts of the country, what does this mean for electrical distribution equipment?

Here, a frosty NOJA Power OSM Recloser looks over the third highest permanently inhabited town in Australia, Cabramurra, at an altitude of 1488M in the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales.

NOJA Power’s OSM Recloser in Cabramurra, New South Wales
NOJA Power’s OSM Recloser in Cabramurra, New South Wales

From Bhutan nestling in the Himalayas, to the Middle East where temperatures can reach +50°C, to freezing temperatures of -53°C in Sweden, NOJA Power equipment is designed for service across the full industrial environment range from -60°C to +55°C, and an altitude reach of 3000m.

The NOJA Power OSM Range has been extensively tested and proven to work in the harshest of environments and extremes of temperatures around the world. The OSM Recloser is IP66 rated and the companion RC control cubicle provides IP67 protection.

IP ratings confer greater protection and resilience to internal electronics for control cubicles, which is imperative in environments with extreme temperatures, foreign materials, and high pollution. Engineers can consider using IEC 60068-2-1 as the standard for environmental testing performance. This standard outlines the performance criteria for equipment destined for outdoor service, and includes cold temperature, dry heat, and cyclic temperature performance.

Our A2LA accredited testing laboratory to IEC 17025 has extensive testing capabilities, including our own environmental test chamber to ensure performance isn’t compromised in extreme climates. More, our equipment undergoes rigorous independent testing to ensure our products deliver reliability and safety for their entire service life, maintenance free.

“Our products are designed to operate from minus 60 through to positive 55 degrees C, so when the polar blasts occur, like they currently are over Australia, our products continue to operate exactly as they have been designed and tested to,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

Power reliability is among the key goals of electricity network operators. In extreme environments and temperatures, high quality, safe and reliable distribution network equipment is crucial. NOJA Power has experience in every climate around the world.

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