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Published 06/2021

GMK Application Guide Released

NOJA Power Ground Mount Kiosk
GMK Auto-Change Over

NOJA Power’s GMK Ground Mounted Kiosk Circuit Breaker Assembly has been deployed in over a hundred distributed energy resource and medium voltage customer connection points. The product’s modular design allows for all protection, control, metering and remote telemetry to be integrated in a single assembly, built and tested in a controlled environment.

NOJA Power GMK in front of a Solar Farm as a Point of Common Coupling Connection
NOJA Power GMK for Solar Farm Point of Common Coupling Connection

Through these many projects, the most common Single Line Diagrams have emerged for the NOJA Power GMK. A compilation of these project designs is now available. Get your copy of the GMK Single Line Diagrams Compilation below:

Download the GMK Switchgear Application Guide for DERs
“The beauty of our GMK product is it is completely customisable depending on the functionality required at each site,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

The integration of a circuit breaker with revenue metering, earth switch, power quality metering and remote telemetry has seen applications from Solar farm Connections to Auto-Changeover schemes, even for mining generation asset connection.

Auto-Changeover NOJA Power GMK
Auto-Changeover NOJA Power GMK

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