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Published 07/2021

Multiple Australian Utilities approve the NOJA Power RC-20 as a Power Quality Monitoring Device

NOJA Power Recloser on powerline in regional NSW with blue skies, trees and farm land behind it
NOJA Power OSM27 and RC10 Controller in NSW, Australia

When paired with the NOJA Power OSM Recloser, the RC-20’s PQ monitoring permits the system to fulfil all distributed energy grid connection requirements with a single off-the-shelf product. This feat was previously accomplished through multiple assets.

Primary injection testing is used to verify the RC-20’s Power Quality performance up the 63rd harmonic, mitigating commissioning costs and risk of non-compliance.

“Integrating PQ capabilities into an OSM Recloser allows connection engineers to halve the number of assets needed for a standards-compliant and type tested renewable connection installation,” says NOJA Power GM Sales Glen Harris.

“This integration also offers significant cost savings against the traditional approach of separate metering instrumentation and associated asset maintenance burden.”

The RC-20 controller can be used in both the overhead network OSM Recloser application, or the underground cable connection GMK arrangement. With the approval in place, distributed energy connections can be made with a single type tested switchgear assembly.

NOJA Power’s OSM Recloser product has been used to connect many renewable energy projects to the grid. Some notable examples include the Kanowna Solar Farm connection near Moree Australia, and the Narromine Solar Farm operated by Neoen near Dubbo Australia.

A NOJA Power GMK connecting Kanowna Solar Farm to the distribution grid, near Moree NSW Australia.
© NOJA Power 2021, A NOJA Power GMK connecting Kanowna Solar Farm to the distribution grid, near Moree NSW Australia.
NOJA Power OSM Recloser in the centre forefront of the image, with red dirt and a solar farm in the background of the photo
© NOJA Power 2020, a NOJA Power OSM Recloser connecting the Narromine Solar Farm to the Distribution Grid, near Dubbo NSW Australia.
A line worker is in a crane facing the NOJA Power RC20 control cubicle under installation in Queensland Australia. The background has trees and light blue skies.
© NOJA Power 2020, a NOJA Power RC-20 control cubicle under installation in Queensland Australia

About NOJA Power

Founded in 2002 in Brisbane Australia, NOJA Power is a switchgear engineering company that has grown to serve over 104 countries from their Brisbane manufacturing headquarters.

The company develops safe, environmentally friendly medium voltage equipment, such as the OSM Recloser, GMK Ground Mount Kiosk Circuit Breaker and NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® Load Break Switch.

These products are used to protect and control the distribution grid, serving in applications such as overhead lines protection, renewable and distributed energy integration and medium voltage private infrastructure protection.

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