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Published 04/2021

The New RC-02 Controller from NOJA Power – Single Phase Recloser Control

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NOJA Power RC-02 Controller

Single Phase Recloser Control Innovation

The latest in Recloser Controller Innovation, NOJA Power’s RC-02 is a Single Phase optimised recloser control package based on the field proven RC-10 Recloser Controller architecture.

Design improvements for single phase applications include a form factor reduction, switchgear drive circuit optimisation and control panel simplification. These application optimisations provide efficiencies afforded to customers looking to upgrade to using NOJA Power’s equipment on their electricity distribution network.

The RC-02 represents the new entry point to NOJA Power’s Recloser Controller product category. It inherits the same reliable protection, control and remote telemetry capacity of the higher level RC-10 and RC-20, while foregoing the large LCD screen, three phase operation and single triple capabilities of NOJA Power’s higher end controllers.

“Our customers understand the importance of remote control of reclosing devices they install on their single phase networks,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

“The RC-02 provides an economical solution to both locally and remotely control our single phase auto reclosers which are typically being deployed in large volumes on rural networks today.”

RC-02 Essential Differentiator Overview

Single Phase Recloser Control Yes Yes Yes
Three Phase Recloser Control No Yes Yes
Large Backlit LED Display No Yes Yes
Integrated Communications and GPS NoWith RC-15 Yes
Synchrophasor PMU No No Yes

The RC-02 controller is compatible with all of NOJA Power’s Single phase reclosers, including OSM Recloser devices already in service. The RC-02 is a cost effective way to extend the service life of overhead switchgear assets, as new controllers are supplied with a new factory warranty, even in retrofit applications.

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The RC-02 controller provides a sustainable technology entry point to utilities looking to prioritise power system reliability.

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