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Published 01/2021

A Message from the Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan

Neil O'Sullivan, Managing Director of NOJA Power
Neil O'Sullivan, Managing Director of NOJA Power

For many businesses, the 2019/20 financial year represented significant challenges in economic operating climate, but the spirit of collaboration and perseverance demonstrated by our partners has been inspirational. With our customer, supplier and partner support, I am honoured to report that the NOJA Power Group has delivered a growth year in challenging circumstances.

Great adversity such as the Black Summer Australian Bushfires and the 2019/20 COVID pandemic present both threats and opportunities to business, and I am pleased to report that the directors and staff of NOJA Power have risen to the challenge and thoroughly converted these threats to opportunities with exceptional performance.

Firstly, our risk management and sustainability practices have ensured that our supply chain will support business continuity under these adverse conditions. Our policy of applying our audit expertise to our suppliers to earnestly drive quality supports us in delivering the quality products our customers have come to expect of NOJA Power, and we thank our partners for their openness to collaboration with us as we work towards manufacturing excellence.

Secondly, I would like to raise special mention for the exceptional effort of our production and warehouse teams in this financial year. Not only have they truly applied themselves in maintaining social distancing and workplace hygiene practices, they have also delivered a record production year for which they can be justly proud. Their steadfast commitment to building switchgear to enable the power reliability of the world is highly admirable and we greatly appreciate their efforts this year.

Thirdly, to our customer facing teams in Service, Sales and Marketing and supported by IT, the innovation in service and sales delivery through digital platforms has been exceptional. These new capabilities that we have built has allowed us to secure a record year of sales, but also a new diversification of tier one customer base. Through these efforts we are very well positioned to capitalize on the ensuing global economic recovery as the world gets back to business.

Finally, our R&D performance for the financial year saw us deliver two new products into active service – the NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® and RC-20 Controller. Both of these products represent the latest in switchgear and control technology, showcasing the technical capacity of our organization. The close collaboration that we have maintained with industry partners for this technology shows that we are committed to solving customer challenges, and our close relationship with our users allows us to remain on the forefront of distribution switchgear technology. Our R&D team can celebrate their achievements of the financial year, and I am also very much looking forward to the market debut of the other products in our R&D pipeline.

As we head towards our 20th year of operation, we remain unwavering in our commitment to offer integrated solutions using innovative products, combined with unrivalled service and reliability worldwide. Our efforts in innovation, service delivery and sustainable reliability of supply in 2020 represents absolute alignment in purpose, as we support our customers in delivering, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly energy.

I sincerely thank you for your support of the NOJA Power vision, and we look forward to being of service to you throughout 2021 and beyond. If you would like to read more about developments at NOJA Power, our latest corporate profile is available for you at the link below.


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