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Published 09/2021

Addressing the IPCC’s Climate Change Objectives

NOJA Power OSM Recloser with RC-20 Controller on overhead pole in Victoria in between two roads
NOJA Power OSM Recloser in Victoria with RC-20 Controller

Following the release of the IPCC's Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis report, guidelines for climate change targets have been set.

Through our global experience, we have witnessed first-hand the efforts of engineers in the energy industry working tirelessly to transition to a sustainable energy future. We partner with these visionaries deploying new technology and works practices.

NOJA Power Recloser Installation front of wind turbine in Philippines
A NOJA Power OSM Recloser connecting Wind Generation to the distribution grid in the Philippines © NOJA Power 2021

NOJA Power is committed to the safety, reliability and innovation in energy distribution to ensure that all the world’s citizens have safe access to reliable power. Our values are reflected in the eight ways NOJA Power equipment makes the distribution network more sustainable in the fight for climate action.

NOJA Power OSM powerline installation in front of solar panel farm in NSW
A NOJA Power OSM Recloser in Australia, connecting Solar generation to the distribution grid. © NOJA Power 2021
NOJA Power OSM Recloser with RC-20 Controller on overhead pole in Victoria in between two roads
A Fire Mitigation OSM Recloser installed in High Fire Risk zones in Victoria Australia. © NOJA Power 2021

Together with our industry partners in utilities and private businesses we can mitigate the carbon impact on the distribution network and improve energy consumers' lives and wellbeing.

  1. Sulphur Hexa-Fluoride (SF6) gas is still present on distribution networks worldwide, with 23,500 times the greenhouse potential of CO2 and an atmospheric half-life of 3,200 years. Since inception, all NOJA Power switchgear has been SF6 free. Using SF6 Free NOJA Power switchgear equipment, utilities can decarbonise their equipment and ensure the mitigation benefits of renewable generation sources are not offset by unsustainable switchgear.
  2. Renewable energy integration is made simple and cheap using NOJA Power equipment, such as the NOJA Power GMK.
  3. The IP66 rating on all NOJA Power equipment eliminates any additional equipment in varying climates. Control cubicles can reach internal temperatures of 20°C above ambient in the sun, so the NOJA Power Recloser Controllers provide IP67 rating for the interior electronics, affording exceptional resilience to foreign material ingress and performance in highly polluted environments.
  4. The top three causes of bushfires are lightning, people and power assets. Using balanced feeders and accurate protection to allow SEF settings of 200 mA to protect against high impedance faults before they leak 0.1 A2s into flammable material.
  5. Functionally, fire and or explosion risks must be effectively contained by arc fault venting to prevent fires. As the world’s only solid dielectric insulated recloser with arc fault venting, the risk to the public, line operators, wildlife, network assets and property is completely mitigated.
  6. With fiercer and more frequent weather events alongside rising global temperatures, all NOJA Power equipment is built for the full industrial temperature range, making it able to withstand arduous conditions for their full 30-year service life completely maintenance free.
  7. The NOJA Power Cloud Analytics platform allows utilities to have vision on load characterisation, impacts of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), power quality, phase identification, event detection and post fault analysis using Synchrophasor technology. These applications are an engineer’s tools to have complete control and confidence in the integration of renewable energy to the electricity distribution grid.
  8. The NOJA Power RC-20 used with a OSM Recloser or Ground Mount Kiosk provides utility engineers with Power Quality Monitoring, a cost-effective way in both overhead and underground design topologies for renewable energy connection to meet point of grid connection protection and monitoring obligations.
“We focus on making sure our products help our customers improve their environmental footprint and have ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint cradle to grave accreditation for our complete range of recloser products,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

A copy of NOJA Power’s ISO 14067 verification statement is available below.

Download NOJA Power's ISO14067

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