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Published 02/2020

Release of New Firmware for NOJA Power OSM Reclosers with RC Series Controls

Relay Version with corresponding CMS Version 3.9.2

NOJA Power OSM Recloser in Nigeria
NOJA Power OSM Recloser in Nigeria

After successful field trials, Brisbane Switchgear Engineers NOJA Power confirm the global release of NOJA Power’s latest firmware version for their RC-10 and RC-15 controls. This version is available as a free upgrade to any users of the existing RC-10 or RC-15 control platforms, and can be accessed through the NOJA Power secure site.

Firmware version 1.23 brings utility and electrical engineers new capabilities in the remote management of communications in the device, coupled with broader reporting of the controllers’ automation status. Utility works’ practices improvements is driving continuous development in the remote management of distribution field assets, and Firmware version 1.23 is the culmination of NOJA Power’s collaborative field experience in these scenarios.

The first major advancement in the firmware is a comprehensive status reporting of the NOJA Power RC controllers’ Auto-Changeover network automation system. The updated status reporting allows utilities using the OSM Recloser system in an Auto-Changeover scenario to remotely manage and understand the state and configuration of the system in operation. These points are available for reporting through the number of native SCADA protocols provided in the platform, such as IEC 61850, DNP3 or IEC 60870-5-101/104.

NOJA Power Relay for RC15 Controllers
NOJA Power Relay for RC15 Controllers

Furthermore, with the rapid field deployment of the RC15 variant of NOJA Power Recloser controller, the added functionality in Relay firmware 1.23 allows for remote SCADA control of the state of the onboard WLAN, Mobile Network and GPS. By adding traditional SCADA visibility to the status of emergent tools for works safety improvement (such as wireless device interrogation), utilities can develop policies to securely manage the benefits of IP based communications in the context of conventional control systems.

“Our investment in R & D into new control functionality helps future proof our customers install bases as every new release is made available to upgrade existing devices at no charge,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

The firmware release is supported by an upgrade of the NOJA Power Configuration Management Software (CMS) package. This update is also available through the secure site and is essential for users looking to deploy Relay 1.23 to their fleet of NOJA Power OSM Reclosers.

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