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Published 04/2020

Australian Switchgear Engineers release New Recloser Product

Switchgear engineering firm NOJA Power today advise the release of their brand new Single Triple Recloser. Unlike conventional European ganged three phase circuit breaking, the Single Triple OSM Recloser provides un-ganged independent phase protection for thee phase electricity distribution lines. This switchgear arrangement is commonly applied for protection of four wire distribution networks and triplex Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) topologies.

The new NOJA Power OSM Single Triple ACR is controlled by any current standard NOJA Power RC control system, providing comprehensive protection, control and smart grid automation, with the RC15 variant including integrated GPS, cellular communications for SCADA and local area wireless communications

NOJA Power OSM Single Triple Recloser
NOJA Power OSM Single Triple Recloser

Single Triple OSM Reclosers can operate in multiple modes of single and three phase protection. Protection engineers are presented with flexibility in configuration to cater to network performance requirements in the RC series controls for the OSM Recloser. For example, configuration options such as single phase reclosing coupled with three phase lockout are available to cater for network requirements which target improved single phase reliability but handle issues with ferro resonance on single phase tripping. An extensive overview on feature capability is available on further request from the organisation.

Following the mantra of all other NOJA Power switchgear products, the new Single Triple OSM Recloser has zero SF6 gas, instead utilising a solid dielectric insulation system. This architecture also includes arc fault venting – a feature considered mandatory by the firm for all medium voltage switchgear in service in overhead distribution networks.

Underneath image of a NOJA Power OSM Single Triple Recloser. Note the three independent mechanical lockout hook rings and per-phase mechanical phase indication.
A NOJA Power OSM Single Triple Recloser. Note the three independent mechanical lockout hook rings and per-phase mechanical phase indication.
“NOJA Power has previously supplied single triple products using three individual single phase tanks predominantly for the USA 4 wire distribution network market,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan. “But due to increased demand this new single tank variant has been developed using our OSM38 tank frame size and it is suitable for all voltage classes 15kV, 27kV and 38kV in this new single tank single triple product.”

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