NOJA Power

Press Release

Published 04/2017

Bright New Growth for NOJA Power in Brazil

Light coloured office building with NOJA Power canopy over entrance
The New Offices of NOJA Power Brazil

Electrical Switchgear manufacturers NOJA Power today unveil the upgrade of the NOJA Power Brazil factory. Borne of the ever-growing requirement for outdoor pole mounted switchgear in Brazil, NOJA Power established the NOJA Power Brazil factory in Campinas near São Paulo. Following unprecedented demand from its customers, the factory has overcome challenges and innovated to meet the requirements of the astute market of major utilities in Brazil. Today, NOJA Power in Brazil is proud to put the bold green logo on their brand-new upgraded facility in the same Campinas Industrial Area of Techno park, triple the size of its predecessor. This new facility will equip NOJA Power Brazil on the next stage of its journey to be Brazil’s leader in medium voltage pole mounted switchgear.

Under the watchful guidance of the Australian based NOJA Power head office, NOJA Power Brazil Managing Director Bruno Kimura has evolved their presence from inception to the multimillion dollar business operation that is today, centred near the nation’s economic powerhouse of São Paolo. Not only has NOJA Power Brazil weathered the economic storm of the recent Brazil Gross Domestic Product contraction, it has enabled the nation to adopt technology which provides unrivalled reliability and service of electricity to even the most remote parts of the Amazon.

One of the core capabilities which NOJA Power Brazil has consistently demonstrated is the scalability of its manufacturing process. Through the mentoring and technical support provided by the expertise of NOJA Power’s international office, NOJA Power Brazil is well equipped with production lines and processes which already bear the hallmark of large scale industrial engineering. This advantage is invaluable when facing heavy demand. It is not sufficient to simply take orders and claim to meet delivery requirements of the market. The finely tuned manufacturing machine that NOJA Power Brazil deploys allows them to purposefully deliver the product under the strict guidelines and timelines imposed by the discerning utilities of Brazil.

Light coloured office building with NOJA Power canopy over entrance
The New Offices of NOJA Power Brazil

This scalability of the NOJA Power Brazil production line also makes for an exceptionally simple upgrade process to increase supply capability. Learning lessons from the NOJA Power head office which has also seen a rapid expansion of demand and manufacture, NOJA Power Brazil has had access to solutions which have already been tried and proved. This culture of support and sharing under the mission of bringing integrated solutions, innovative products and unrivalled service worldwide allows both NOJA Power Brazil and the Australian head office to grow together. Whilst NOJA Power Brazil was no small player in the past, the recent effort to triple their factory has cemented them as a key player and expert local consultant in the field of distribution switchgear.

As a further benefit to the utilities in Brazil, NOJA Power Brazil represents a local manufacturing operation, where support is immediate and accessible via a local phone connection. The NOJA Power mantra of unrivalled service is embodied by the principals of NOJA Power Brazil’s structure, allowing their local users to have unprecedented direct access to the manufacturer in a market where often Service is given far less consideration.

Grand Entrance to new NOJA Power Brazil facility with NOJA Power branding over entrance
Grand Entrance to new NOJA Power Brazil Facility
“It is greatly rewarding to reflect on how much we have grown over the last decade - from a start up to a major player in the energy industry in Brazil. We have supplied this county with strategic equipment to keep the lights on and the economy growing, including major events such as the World Cup (2014) and Olympic Games (2016). Today, NOJA Power is a nationwide known brand and our customers relate our brand to functionality, reliability, service and people being available to them 24/7. Our customers share a considerable responsibility in our evolution for they have believed in our products and solution in the past and today provides us with repetitive business opportunities”, says Bruno Kimura, Managing Director of NOJA Power Brazil.
“NOJA Power Brazil’s expansion now ensures we can serve the increased demand for our products in Brazil,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan. “It is a significant achievement for our Brazilian team that they can be justly proud of.”

Armed with their scaled-up factory and industry expertise, NOJA Power Brazil are well equipped to handle the next phase of their business evolution. The tripled factory size will certainly support the group as they work towards their mission of bringing integrated solutions, innovative products and unrivalled service to the utility and private energy industry of Brazil.

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