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Published 01/2017

Meet the Team at NOJA Power

NOJA Power release their new 2017 Corporate Video

NOJA Power's Oleg Samarski (Group Quality and Service Director) with Film Crew.
NOJA Power's Oleg Samarski (Group Quality and Service Director) with Film Crew.

Leading manufacturer of pole mounted switchgear NOJA Power today releases its latest corporate video. The video is a showcase of the people behind the mission of bringing integrated solutions, innovative products and unrivalled service worldwide. To many end users of electricity, the complexity of the safe and reliable delivery of this asset is often underestimated.

For a force misunderstood by so many, this reliable supply of energy is no small feat and deserves the admiration and accolades of the achievement. NOJA Power’s OSM Series Reclosers are the building blocks of the world’s distribution networks. Together with the engineering prowess of the world’s utilities, the OSM Recloser product is empowering the world to accomplish great things. NOJA Power’s latest corporate video unveils some of the mystery behind the delivery of electricity, and how much care and consideration goes into the reliability so much of us take for granted every day.

NOJA Power Corporate Video 2017

Unlike traditional broadcast era corporate videos, NOJA Power was keen to employ new camera and film techniques to revitalise the activity of sharing business vision with others. Using the actual employees of NOJA Power as actors, the video lends itself to a more personal approach. All on camera appearances during this video are real employees of NOJA Power, demonstrating the many faces behind the work that goes into creation, design and manufacture of the OSM Series Reclosers. The challenge when developing corporate films is to communicate the passion that visionaries and employees have for the activity and future for the business. By incorporating the people behind the mission into the film, we can provide an insight into the inner workings of a complicated industry.

The new NOJA Power Corporate video also employs technical camera work beyond what has ever been released by the company before. Field drone footage of installations, Steadicam filming and GoPro footage are all incorporated into this work. It is an exciting take on an industry with a rich history, demonstrating some of the points of view of engineers, lines crews and operators.

NOJA Power's Olympia Ammendola (center) - Technical Writer with Film Crew
NOJA Power's Olympia Ammendola (center) - Technical Writer with Film Crew

It is a timely completion of the NOJA Power corporate video project, as it is concurrent with the rapid manufacturing plant expansion of the Australian based firm. With the release of their VISI-SWITCH product, the organisation is gearing up to meet consumer demand for their class defining load break switch product. As the world’s only solid dielectric insulated Load Break Switch with visible isolation, NOJA Power is experiencing a very busy start to the 2017 year.

NOJA Power’s Jay Manne (center) - Group Engineering Director with Film Crew
NOJA Power’s Jay Manne (center) - Group Engineering Director with Film Crew
“We are proud to launch our 2017 Corporate Video brought to you by the employees of NOJA Power who are the ones who make the company great,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

NOJA Power is very proud of being a key component in modern distribution networks bringing reliability and automation. By continually investing in Research, Development and People, the organisation plans to continue contributing to world electricity reliability and supply guarantee. The NOJA Power Corporate Video for 2017 shares some of the faces behind the vision at the organisation, who are empowering the world to achieve great things.

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