Press Release September 2017

NOJA Power Celebrates Factory Grand Opening in Brazil

Business Leaders and Dignitaries attend Grand Opening

The New Factory and Offices of NOJA Power Brazil.

The New Factory and Offices of NOJA Power Brazil.

Driven by unprecedented demand in the Brazilian nation, NOJA Power’s Brazil factory has been expanded. Last week, business leaders and diplomats converged on the new facility near Sao Paulo Brazil to celebrate the progress of the Australian firm’s presence. NOJA Power Brazil operates to service the Brazil market, providing manufacturing, service and sales to the local region. Brazil has seen dramatic improvements in power reliability with recent investment in network capability, and NOJA Power is proud to support the local distribution network service providers in achieving their goals for continuity of electricity supply.

Hosted by Group Managing Director of NOJA Power Mr Neil O’Sullivan and Managing Director for NOJA Power Brazil Mr Bruno Kimura, the grand opening ceremony was a celebration of the new facility. The leadership team of the organisation was joined by Mr Greg Wallis, Consul General and Senior Trade Commissioner for Australia in Brazil. The NOJA Power export success story has been made possible by partnerships and international trade agreements such as the NOJA Power Brazil operation, and the organisation is focused on delivering service value to the local utilities.


Left to Right – Neil O’Sullivan, Group Managing Director NOJA Power, Quynh Anh Le, Group Finance Director NOJA Power, Bruno Kimura, Managing Director NOJA Power Brazil and Greg Wallis, Consul General for Australia in Brazil

Brazil is quite unique in the South American continent, as it is the only nation which does not have Spanish as the primary language. At a population of 207 million and 26 states, the demand for energy is growing rapidly. Local support for technology products such as the NOJA Power OSM Recloser system is imperative to the success and value of the devices’ deployment. NOJA Power Brazil is well equipped to support the nation in its continued quest for energy reliability.

NOJA Power Brazil has been involved with other high profile distribution installations, such as the Peer to Peer driven Auto-Changeover Scheme which was deployed to power the stadiums for the Brazil Soccer World Cup. This system provided automatic backup power switching in the event of an outage. Similar projects have been deployed around the world by NOJA Power, such as hospital supply applications throughout Africa and automation schemes in central America.

NOJA Power Brazil is approaching 10 years of operation, and has grown its own employee base to meet the escalating demand. With the expansion of the facilities, NOJA Power Brazil has further room to grow. For further information, visit NOJA Power at


By Martin van der Linde – Marketing Manager NOJA Power