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Published 08/2016

Mobile Innovation

NOJA Power Releases Third Generation of Recloser Control Mobile Application

Three iPhones side by side showing different screens of NOJA Power Recloser App
NOJA Power Recloser App

Recloser manufacturer NOJA Power today unveils the third generation of its application for its class leading RC-10 Recloser Controller. This mobile application allows authorised users to interrogate and control individual RC-10 controllers whilst maintaining a safe distance from the equipment. With network security on the forefront of innovation, this latest generation release of the mobile application demonstrates NOJA Power’s continued dedication to network safety, both on the distribution network and the Information Technology front. NOJA Power’s Recloser Application is available for free download from Google Play and the App Store.

Switchyards, substations and even pole top recloser installations are hazardous environments. Day after day, utility lines people and operators are placed in harm's way in the course of work. High voltages and access clearances are health and safety challenges which plague utility engineering teams. The NOJA power recloser application grants users the capability to add a degree of physical separation between themselves and the hazardous equipment. No longer do utility lines people need to climb ladders in the pouring rain whilst attempting to restore power in an emergency. Isolated reclosers installed on poles in remote locations are no longer impossible to reach, as the lines operator can control and interrogate the equipment from the safety of their vehicle. NOJA Power continues to lead the engineering field in innovation for the sake of safety of utility operators.

Utilising the same port and network infrastructure available today in the RC-10 controller for remote engineering access, the NOJA Power Recloser Application allows authenticated individual users to connect to an RC-10. Through this connection, lines operators are able to read currents, voltages and network parameters and make the same basic controls available to them on the front HMI Panel of the controller.

NOJA Power’s software development is a constantly iterative process, as demonstrated by the extensive ever-growing list of functionality in the RC-10 controller. The NOJA Power Mobile application is no exception to this rule, as the third generation release incorporates field feedback and deployment experience to further refine the functionality and capability of the software. With an enhanced user interface and creative incorporation of the RC-10 HMI into the palm of your hand, utility operators are assured of a reliable user experience.

Multiple security and communications robustness improvements are available in this latest iteration of the NOJA Power Recloser Application. Aside from conventional security implementations, a SCADA authorisation scheme is possible with the latest release, wherein individuals can request access to a recloser from their SCADA operations team and master station. The access privileges can be granted and revoked instantaneously through the modern utility’s usual platform of SCADA control.

The release of the third generation of mobile applications coincides with NOJA Power’s release of the RC-15 controller – the world first 4G, GPS and WiFi enabled Recloser controller unit. The RC-15 Recloser Controller requires only a SIM card to become available for SCADA integration, with unrivalled time synchronisation precision, accuracy and reliability for network wide fault sequence analysis. Finally, with the addition of integrated WiFi, utilities are free to implement work practices incorporating authenticated mobile devices to ensure their people go home safe after a hard day's work.

“Mobile computing is part of our everyday lives now,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan, “Our apps provide options for our electricity utility customers' linesmen to control and operate our products locally or remotely in secure authenticated platforms using mobile computing. It is clear this is an important tool to improve safety and control of our electricity networks of the future.”

NOJA Power believe in constant innovation, an evolution of classical switchgear design to improve the safety and user experience of switchgear. In this third generation release of the NOJA Power Recloser Control mobile application, NOJA Power is encouraging the world to join the drive to develop safe, environmentally friendly and reliable switchgear which utilises the very best of the technology available today.

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