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Published 11/2016

NOJA Power Releases Compatibility for RC-10 and RC-15 controllers with Legacy OSM200 Reclosers

Australian manufacturers NOJA Power Switchgear today unveil backwards compatibility between their revolutionary RC10 Recloser Controller and the legacy 200 Series OSM Recloser. With over 20,000 legacy 200 series OSM Reclosers in service across the globe, NOJA Power has provided NOJA Power users with an upgrade path to access the ground-breaking technology afforded by the RC-10 controller.

This backwards compatibility has been made possible by an upgraded Switchgear Interface Module – the primary connection module into the NOJA Power RC-10. Connection from this legacy compatible RC-10 or RC-15 reclosers to the OSM200 can be accomplished through two methods, either using a replacement control cable, or through a simple interface connection provided in the base of the RC-10 controller. These options allow utilities to swap out their older RC-01 controller for either the RC-10 or the latest RC-15 controller with on board WiFi, 4G and GPS. The retrofit kit ensures minimal installation costs, with no live line crew necessary in the case of the junction box upgrade path. The new legacy compatibility of the NOJA Power RC-10 and RC-15 controllers provides the capability for utilities to upgrade their suite of protection and protocols to the myriad of functionality in the later generation of NOJA Power Recloser Controllers.

OSM200 to RC10 Crossover Cable
OSM200 to RC-10 Crossover Cable

NOJA Power has engineered a new RC-10/15 Switchgear Interface Module(SIM) which processes the data retrieved from the sensors of the 200 series tanks. This updated SIM module is standard in all retrofit RC-10/RC15 controllers destined for service connected to older OSM200 series reclosers. For operators familiar with the RC-10 controller, the SIM is the connection point from the switchgear into the controller, and is the driving force in the switching of the recloser. The legacy NOJA Power OSM Reclosers utilised a different sensor philosophy, employing a total of six Rogowski Coils for phase and neutral current measurement. The modified RC-10/15 SIM allows for these sensors to provide data to the RC-10 and RC-15 relays, affording greater functionality to the older generation of OSM Reclosers.

Users of the RC-01 are well familiar with the Harting plug arrangement which connects the control cable to the RC-01 cubicle. This Harting plug is different between NOJA Power’s RC-01 and RC-10/15 controlled reclosers. When designing the backwards compatibility of the RC-10, NOJA Power has ensured to maintain the familiar feel of this installation. Utilities can opt to replace their control cable entirely, where a new “OSM200 to RC-10” crossover control cable is used to connect the legacy OSM200 series into the compatible RC-10 and RC-15. If the user would prefer to avoid live line work, then the junction box upgrade option is provided. The junction box upgrade is a compatibility connector port on retrofit RC-10 or RC-15 controllers destined for connection to 200 series OSM Reclosers. Not only does this allow users to simply connect an RC-10 to a 200 series tank, they are able to use the currently installed RC-01 control cable. This capability removes the requirement for any work to be completed at the High Voltage terminals of the recloser, greatly reducing any live line or work costs.

Creating a backwards compatible recloser controller solution is part of NOJA Power’s commitment to ensuring that the latest in protection and communication capabilities are available to all users of NOJA Power switchgear. NOJA Power has maintained a company policy of ensuring all active electronics associated with their switchgear remains in the controller. Aside from the reliability benefits of separating electronics from high voltage sources, this policy simplifies the process of implementing the backwards compatibility. This insurance policy of segregation between HV and LV is similar to the insurance of future proofing of field RC-01 installations.

Interface Box Design
Interface Box Design

NOJA Power’s unveiling of this backwards compatible RC-10/RC15 controller provides an additional guarantee to users of NOJA Power’s OSM200 series reclosers that there will be sufficient recloser controller spare parts available for the operation of their equipment. With this implementation, NOJA Power are also providing a new option for old equipment’s operating life to be extended through the upgrade of the controllers.

“Utilities today believe that recloser switchgear should last 30 years and are budgeting accordingly,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan. “There has been a trend with utilities to upgrade control electronics on a shorter timescale, to access further advanced functionality whilst using their current primary switchgear plant. The controller upgrade path provided by this retrofit enables utilities to access the advanced capabilities of later generation controllers without the need for costly installations.”

NOJA Power’s commitment to development leading edge protection and communications capabilities has been dedicated to the RC-10 and RC-15 controllers for many years. Now with the advent of the backwards compatibility of these controllers, users of the legacy OSM 200 Series with RC-01 control can enjoy an upgrade path to access the latest and greatest functionality NOJA Power has to offer.

This upgrade is a simple process, accomplished purely by a swap of the controller at the LV connection side of the installation. Through backwards compatibility, end users of the RC-01 have also been provided with an alternative solution for extending the service life of their OSM200 series reclosers, long after the RC-01 electronics components have been removed from manufacture.

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