NOJA Power

Press Release

Published 06/2016

NOJA Power Achieves Gold Recognition from the Queensland Government for leadership and innovation in health and wellness, two years in a row

NOJA Power has once again set the bar and has been awarded by the Queensland Government, Healthier, Happier Workplaces Gold Recognition for its ongoing workplace health and wellness ‘Initiative. The company was awarded gold recognition in the Healthier. Happier. Workplaces initiative for the second year running, by creating a work environment that improved the health and wellbeing of employees. As it stands, NOJA Power is one of the three organizations in Queensland who have a Healthier.Happier.Workplaces Gold Recognition.

Research conducted by Medibank Australia, estimated the cost and effect of workplace stress. It found alarming statistics which showed that poor health management often leads to absenteeism, and poor performance when present (presenteeism) and is costing Australian Businesses approximately over $14.8 billion per year. It has also been reported that Australia is the fourth fattest nation in the developed world. This was reported by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation. They have also found that Australia has the second highest use of anti-depressants in the developed world and uses anti-cholesterol pills at a higher rate than anywhere else. Alarming statistics such as these were what prompted NOJA Power to launch a wellness program aimed at improving its staff’s health and wellbeing.

A bowl of apples, kiwi fruit, bananas and grapes on a white plate on a white kitchen bench
NOJA Power Fresh Fruit Bowl

NOJA Power was the first private organization in Queensland awarded with gold under the Healthier. Happier. Workplaces initiative and it has had an outstanding workplace wellness plan in place since 2012. The aim of this program was to benefit the employees and the company. The program was led by the NOJA Power Directors and is managed by Dr Rabiul Alam, who is the company’s Health and Safety Manager.

The health and wellbeing program involved a very large range of innovative programs. It focused on the physical wellbeing of the employees and this included health and physical checks by a local doctor and vaccinations. An educational approach was also implemented where Health and Wellbeing seminars advising staff about healthy eating and staying active were conducted.

Staff are given the opportunity to provide suggestions on a regular basis and as a result we have seen NOJA Power sponsor many after work activities, supplying fresh fruit in the lunch rooms and install ergonomic work stations just to a list a few. All of the programs and facilities are made available to every staff at NOJA Power.

The company further developed this comprehensive workplace and healthiness initiative and is in addition implementing the “Safety is important – health is your life” program. This aims to improve the workers safe work practices, eating habits and physical activity levels and reduce workplace injuries, reduce staff turnover and improve productivity.

As a result of these programs there was an increase in employee retention and decrease in employee absenteeism. An increase in staff productivity was also seen. From the company perspective there are happy, healthy, loyal and more productive employees.

“The reason the program is so successful is that the all departments of the company are involved in the implementation of the program”, says Neil O’ Sullivan, Group Managing Director of NOJA Power Group. “The people that work for NOJA Power are our greatest resource and they perform their best when they are in an environment where they are encouraged to be as healthy as possible”.

NOJA Power considered this program an overall positive return on investment and a success.

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