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Published 07/2016

Game of Thrones – NOJA Power Recloser keeping the lights on in Dark Hedges

Ballycastle NOJA Power OSM Recloser Installation in Northern Ireland with green grass and hills covered by clouds in the far distance
Ballycastle NOJA Power OSM Recloser Installation, Northern Ireland

All is still in House NOJA Power this eve’, as we rest assured that the lights of Northern Ireland and indeed the Dark Hedges remain alight today. Popularised in highly successful HBO television series Game of Thrones, The Dark Hedges is in fact a country lane not far from the Northern Irish coast. Near this filming location stands a lone sentinel, a watcher of power – quite literally, a NOJA Power OSM Recloser. This guardian of the distribution networks is ever vigilant, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of power supply for Northern Ireland.

Today NOJA Power OSM Series reclosers are installed in 85 countries, (86 if you consider the fictional world of George R. Martin), with exceptional installation bases regardless of local tongue. The NOJA Power RC10 controller is available today in a myriad of languages, not only in terms of Human Machine Interface panel to the controller, but in a comprehensive translation effort. All user manuals, technical documents, interface software, controller firmware and even the mobile application is available in multiple languages.

In their 14 years of manufacturing, NOJA Power have understood the value of conducting the monumental task of addressing each end user of NOJA Power switchgear in their mother tongue. This design philosophy inspires the creation of local experts, so that distributors and users can utilise their investment to the greatest level of their capability. The additional translation of manuals into local languages allows for improved installations, where engineers have access to technical information within their local manuals. By ensuring that local installations meet requirements such as earthing, end users are assured of greater reliability and optimisation of their network assets.

Deploying automation networks and micro-grids is a substantial challenge in most environments. It is very easy to see the added level of complexity required if even the manuals would need to be translated prior to work commencing. NOJA Power have ensured that all engineers the world over can get straight to business, instead of concerning themselves with a translational dictionary.

This same mantra has even been applied to their Service department, as the NOJA Service department consists of a team from a diverse range of backgrounds. These engineers and technicians hail from all over the planet, with members from the Honduras, New Zealand, Singapore, Colombia, Italy and Australia to name a few. Their tireless efforts and language capabilities ensure that NOJA Power provides unrivalled service and exceptional understanding.

“This recloser installed in Northern Ireland is a deserving steadfast guardian of the lands of the Iron Throne,” proclaims NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan. “It has also been subject to extensive testing and issued with a Notice of Conformity by the UKs Electricity Network Association.”

Remember then, that regardless whence the weary man of numbers approaches, his questions will be understood and the provided answers profound. The NOJA Power translational story creates exceptional service, whether you hail from King’s Landing or Bogota Colombia. With a multi lingual controller, multi lingual configuration software and multi lingual documentation, NOJA Power OSM Reclosers continue to demonstrate why they are the recloser of choice in so many nations.

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