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Published 05/2015

Latest NOJA Power distribution automation products draw the crowds at world’s premier industry fair

2015 Hannover Messe trade fair includes a focus on intelligent energy systems and plays host to NOJA Power’s distribution automation systems including OSM series Automatic Circuit Reclosers, RC10 controllers and new ground mount kiosk.

Two NOJA Power Ground Mount Kiosk next to one another, one on 45 degree angle and open, the other open from behind
NOJA Power Ground Mount Kiosk

Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces its successful participation in the 2015 Hannover Messe industry trade fair. Hannover Messe is the world’s largest trade event and encompasses industry, manufacturing, energy and research & development. This year’s exhibition was held in Hannover, Germany, from 13 to 17 April.

The latest edition of the event was the largest in its 68-year history and was officially opened by the German Chancellor, Dr Angela Merkel. The fair attracted 220,000 visitors including 70,000 from overseas. 6,500 exhibitors from 70 countries showcased technologies for tomorrow’s industry, manufacturing and energy systems.

A primary theme of the show was intelligent energy systems and NOJA Power chose the event to showcase its OSM series Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACR or “auto recloser”), RC-10 controller, Control & Management Software (CMS), Relay firmware and the new version of the company’s ground mount kiosk (GMK).

“The challenge of combining all forms of energy generation into a single intelligent power grid, and distributing this power adequately to consumers, has been impressively addressed by the many exhibitors showcasing their pioneering solutions for the energy sector at Hannover Messe,” noted Dr Jochen Köckler, member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe, the owners of Hannover Messe.
“The NOJA Power booth attracted a lot of visitor interest with the OSM series auto reclosers and the compact ground mount kiosks drawing the biggest audiences,” says Sergio Tanus, NOJA Power’s Business Development Manager for Europe and Africa.
It’s very important for NOJA Power to exhibit at Hannover Fair as it is the largest industrial event in the world today,” says Neil O’Sullivan, NOJA Power’s Managing Director. “Next year the company intends to take a much bigger booth showcasing the range of innovative products we will release in the near future.
We see a growing base of electrical utilities in Europe and globally deploying auto reclosers to optimise the performance of today’s distribution networks and build tomorrow’s smart grids,” adds O’Sullivan.

NOJA Power’s compact GMK houses an OSM series ACR, together with an RC-10 controller. The GMK’s dead break elbow terminations allow linesmen to remove feeder cables directly from the ACR during maintenance work without the need for an earth switch to isolate the ACR. The GMK measures 1000 x 1200 x 1290mm and is manufactured from 304 stainless steel with a grey powder coat finish.

NOJA Power’s OSM series ACRs are fundamental elements of smart grids and provide a comprehensive suite of automation features. The units perform voltage measurement on all six bushings, current measurement on all three phases, bidirectional protection and extensive power quality and data logging capability.

The ACRs benefit from the use of vacuum interrupters and solid dielectric insulation instead of the environmentally unfriendly oil or sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) gas used in sectionalizers and older recloser products. Another key feature of the OSM series is its stainless steel enclosure that forms the only solid dielectric unit with controlled internal arc fault venting on the market. The controlled arc fault venting design is in accordance with the requirements of IEC62271-200 Clause 6.106 and Annex A, and the efficacy of this important safety feature has been tested and verified by independent test laboratories. The OSM series has also been fully type-tested by independent laboratory KEMA in the Netherlands to ensure long life and reliability under the harshest environmental conditions.

Since their introduction, the OSM series ACRs have been installed by utilities in over 80 countries around the world.

The RC-10 cubicle is a SCADA-ready controller that provides a directional overcurrent, earth fault and sensitive earth fault relay, auto reclosing relay, instantaneous metering, event log, demand logger and remote terminal unit (RTU) for remote control in a single package.

OSM series ACRs and RC-10 controllers are supplied with CMS––a configuration tool for setting up and maintaining the operation of the ACR––and Relay firmware 1.12 for general operation. Relay firmware 1.12 incorporates advanced logic functionality and 32 logic channels.

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