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Published 09/2014

NOJA Power Dual Remote Panel HMI Unit for ACRs engineered to fit seamlessly into automated substations that form foundation of smart grids

19-in rack mounted Dual Remote Panel HMI Unit allows engineers to configure ACRs and monitor network operation from safety of substation control room

NOJA Power Dual Remote HMI Unit
NOJA Power Dual Remote HMI Unit

Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces the introduction of its Dual Remote Panel HMI Unit for control and configuration of OSM series Automatic Circuit Reclosers (“auto-recloser” or ACR). The Dual Remote Panel HMI Unit is intended for use inside a substation control room allowing an engineer to control and configure two ACRs or access network information––such as feeder voltage, current levels and advanced power protection configurations––in a safe and comfortable environment.

The Dual Remote HMI Unit is suitable for 19-in rack mounting and houses two Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) designed for safe and easy operation. Each HMI is connected to an ACR allowing the engineer to control and configure two network protection devices from a single Dual Remote HMI Unit. The HMI comprises a large backlit LCD display which presents an ACR’s operational parameters in a single “page” format eliminating the need to scroll. Hot keys allow quick access between custom group settings and preconfigured protection settings.

The Dual Remote HMI Unit is a standalone product that requires only a power point and interference-immune fibre optic cables to link each HMI to its associated ACR’s RC-10 control cubicle relay via an outdoor Substation relay module.

NOJA Power’s products are designed to meet the requirements of automated substation operations. In substation applications, multiple NOJA Power ACRs are used on the incoming and outgoing medium-voltage electricity distribution feeders to protect transformers and other valuable equipment.

In a conventional substation set up, each OSM series ACR is controlled and configured from an HMI inside the RC-10 cubicle. Although the RC-10 cubicles are sometimes grouped onto mounting frames to ease access, an engineer is still exposed to the weather and is required to work in close proximity to hazardous voltages when working on the cubicles.

The Dual Remote HMI Unit overcomes these difficulties by enabling the control and configuration of two ACRs from the safety of the substation control room. Dual Remote HMI Units can be grouped in a self-contained 19-in rack that then fits neatly into the substation control room and allows engineers to configure multiple ACRs, access network information, take notes or operate a computer in a climate-proof environment.

“NOJA Power’s equipment is designed for modern substation applications. For example, NOJA Power’s OSM series auto-reclosers offer support for the international standard substation communication protocol, IEC 61850,” says Neil O’Sullivan, NOJA Power’s Managing Director. “Naturally, we continued this philosophy with the launch of the Dual Remote HMI Unit. The modern substation will form the foundation of forthcoming smart grids––computerised, bidirectional electricity networks of which NOJA Power’s auto-reclosers will provide a key element­­––and the newly introduced Dual Remote HMI Unit is engineered to slot seamlessly into the control room alongside other distribution automation equipment."
“Our OSM series auto-reclosers are sophisticated protection units and as such offer many configuration options. In addition, the auto-reclosers provide an in-depth analysis of the changing state of the electrical network. The Dual Remote HMI Unit allows engineers to choose the optimum settings for their auto-recloser application and check network operation, all from the comfort and safety of the substation control room,” adds O’Sullivan.

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