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Published 09/2013

Updated NOJA Power Electrical Utility Linesman software app now manages multiple ACRs, increasing onsite network visibility

An updated version of the NOJA Power Recloser App, available free from Apple App Store and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad mini, now allows Linesmen to manage and interrogate multiple ACRs onsite for better system control

Updated NOJA Power Recloser App allows Linesmen to manage multiple ACRs
Updated NOJA Power Recloser App allows Linesmen to manage multiple ACRs

Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces an update of its Automatic Circuit Recloser (ACR) software application (‘app’). The updated version allows Electrical Utility Linesmen to remotely interrogate multiple devices.

The NOJA Power Recloser App runs on Apple’s handheld devices and allows the Linesman to check the status of ACRs and make changes to their operation without having to climb up to the device’s pole-mounted control cubicle. Use of the app improves safety because the Linesman no longer has to undertake a hazardous climb that is often attempted in poor weather, high off the ground and close to cables that carry tens of thousands of volts.

Running on an Apple iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad® or iPad mini®, the Recloser App communicates with the NOJA Power OSM series ACR’s RC-10 control and communications cubicle via a TCP/IP connection. The app is able to configure and then retain the fixed IP address and port number for each ACR, which is then stored in a device list that identifies each unit with a name or code. The Linesman can then select, configure, control and interrogate any ACR from the list providing he has access to the Internet via a fixed line, GPRS, WiMax or Wi-Fi. The new version of the app also takes full advantage of the larger screen of Apple’s tablet computers compared to the company’s smartphones.

The app allows the Linesman to read three phase-current and -voltage (voltage on all six bushings), frequency, power, power factor, power flow direction and energy measurements. In addition, the app also allows the technician to control ACR functionality such as Trip/Close, Local/Remote, Active Protection Group, Protection On/Off, Auto Reclose On/Off, Live Line On/Off and Earth Fault On/Off among others.

“The previous version of NOJA Power’s proved popular because it meant that Linesmen didn’t have to climb up to the control cabinet to check and manage the ACR,” explains Neil O’Sullivan, Managing Director of NOJA Power. “But customers asked us to update the app so they could control multiple ACRs from the screen of an Apple handheld device.
“NOJA Power is always keen to invest in improved and safer solutions for our customers, so it was natural to comply with this request while at the same time improving flexibility by allowing the customer’s maintenance staff to monitor and control multiple ACRs onsite,” says O’Sullivan.
“This functionality aids safety and productivity while enabling informed decision making––resulting in better control onsite––because with the updated app the Linesman now has much wider visibility of the grid.”

The updated version (1.4) of the NOJA Power Recloser App for the company’s OSM range of ACRs is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and is compatible with third, fourth and fifth generations of iPhone and iPod touch, and latest generation of the iPad and iPad mini.

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