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Published 07/2024

4 Reasons Why Engineers Choose NOJA Power’s SWER Recloser

NOJA Power OSM SWER Recloser with RC-10 Recloser Control installed in Queensland Australia

Single wire earth return (SWER) networks need protection and circuit breakers too. SWER is a common network topology to serve large geographic areas with low population density, being among the most cost effective ways to distribute electricity.

NOJA Power’s Single Phase recloser is a single pole of the standard OSM Recloser system, connected to the exact same Recloser control as the standard offering. With Australia’s large SWER networks, there are thousands of NOJA Power Single Phase Reclosers in service.

In this article, we share 4 top reasons why distribution engineers choose NOJA Power SWER Reclosers for their single phase protection applications.

A NOJA Power OSM SWER Recloser with RC-10 Recloser Control installed in Queensland Australia © NOJA Power 2024
A NOJA Power OSM SWER Recloser with RC-10 Recloser Control installed in Queensland Australia © NOJA Power 2024

Same Controller as Three Phase OSM Recloser System

NOJA Power’s most commonly used Recloser Controller, the RC-10, can be used with both Single Phase and Three phase devices. It’s a matter of a simple settings change in the controller.

While some features are only applicable to three phase devices, such as earth fault protection, the RC-10 simply disables the functions not relevant to the attached switchgear.

This commonality of controller minimises operational training expenses, as network operators already familiar with the RC-10 have little to no additional training requirements.

NOJA Power’s RC-15 and RC-20 controllers can also be used with Single phase units. Distribution networks who have opted to standardise on the higher specification units can interchange controllers between three and single phase devices as needed.

Common Spares

Another core motivator is the commonality of spares. A NOJA Power SWER recloser uses the exact same controller as the three phase system. This means that spares held for maintaining a three phase fleet can also be used to maintain a SWER device fleet.

Safety - Arc Fault Venting

NOJA Power’s OSM Recloser system has a patented, type tested arc fault venting system. In the unlikely event of an internal arc fault, the system is designed to safely vent the excess energy through the arc fault vent, providing risk mitigation against explosive failures. Arc fault venting can be considered a fire mitigation against un-vented systems, as a controlled venting directs the blast away from flammable vegetation on the ground. Given the remoteness of many SWER installations, Arc Fault Venting offers benefits even when personnel are not local to the device.

Power Quality Measurement

SWER lines are often lightly loaded. The light load provides limited revenue resources for additional power quality monitoring. However, power quality for remote customers remains a key delivery consideration.

The NOJA Power SWER Recloser with RC series control provides power quality monitoring, including harmonic analysis, voltage sags and swells monitoring and interruptions tracking. The RC-10 offers harmonic readings up to the 15th harmonic, while the RC-20 offfers up to the 63rd.

By using a NOJA Power SWER Recloser, engineers get access to remote power quality data on their SWER lines without any further investment. This information can be used to detect power quality issues before they cause asset damage, or equally monitor the performance of the network at remote sites.


NOJA Power’s SWER Recloser has thousands of installations worldwide, and there are many factors leading to its popularity. Among the strongest drivers are the shared controller, shared spares, arc fault venting and the power quality features of the asset.

“Our single phase recloser product that was originally designed for SWER networks in Australia has now found application on both SWER and 2 wire single phase networks worldwide,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O'Sullivan.

For more information, visit or contact your local NOJA Power Distributor.

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