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Published 03/2023

Recloser Control Comparison: RC-03 vs RC-10

NOJA Power's RC-03 and RC-10 Controllers

With the release of NOJA Power’s RC-03 Recloser Control for the OSM Recloser system, a common question arises: “What is the difference between the RC-03, and the standard RC-10?”

The quick answer is the RC-03 is a simplified version of the RC-10. Some features and material is removed, which makes the RC-03 a cost-optimised version of the standard protection system.

While the RC-03 and RC-10 share the same fundamental electronics, in this article we detail the key differences between the products.

Key Difference 1: Reduced Metalwork

NOJA Power's RC-03 and RC-10 Controllers

The first clear difference is the change in metalwork. The RC-03 is significantly smaller, but also has both metal escutcheons removed in comparison to the RC-10.

The door pocket has also been removed, along with the internal radio tray – this has been replaced with a short length of DIN rail.

Key Difference 2: Removed or Derated Modules

The biggest difference is the fully integrated Control Module, which consolidates the Switchgear Interface Module and Relay of the RC-10 into a single assembly.

This reduces metalwork cost, and the RC-10 paint has been removed from the control module case, saving further cost. Since the RC-03 retains the IP66 rating, the control module remains protected from corrosion while inside the cubicle.

The battery supply has been reduced in the RC-03, providing only a 24 hour hold up time, in comparison to the excess of 5 days in the RC-10.

Lastly, the biggest difference is the removed HMI panel of the RC-10. Instead, the RC-03 relies on a simple button array with LED indicators, or alternatively, connecting wirelessly and using the NOJA Power Remote HMI mobile app which emulates the HMI functionality.

Result: Simplicity for Operators, Power for Protection Engineers

Despite these differences, the RC-03 provides the exact same protection and control capabilities of the RC-10, except for the local HMI panel. For users who mainly interact with the equipment via SCADA, the performance difference would be immaterial.

When paired with the new OSM15-630 Recloser, which offers 630 A load rating, 12.5 kA peak interrupt at 15 kV, the combination represents the most cost effective entrance into NOJA Power’s OSM Recloser system.

“With the advent of smart phones and tablets it made sense to us to create a lower cost product by removing the HMI and instead providing that HMI in the form of an app for a smart phone and tablets and connect to the control via Bluetooth,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.
“The RC-03 has the power of the RC-10 without the HMI, but the HMI can be just as powerful by using our remote HMI app.”

For more information, visit or contact your local NOJA Power Distributor.

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