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Published 09/2018

Distributed Generation Connection Switchgear: Solved

NOJA Power Release New Ground Mount Kiosk Switchgear

A NOJA Power GMK installed on a plinth in a WA Mine Site, providing Protection for MV Assets
A NOJA Power GMK installed on a plinth in a WA Mine Site, providing Protection for MV Assets

Solving private electricity grid connection projects can bring substantial challenges for protection, control and network synchronisation. With recent industry growth in Distributed Generation, backup Generation connection and Renewable Energy integration, Brisbane-based switchgear manufacturer NOJA Power have announced a new Ground Mount Kiosk Recloser product. The GMK integrates a standard NOJA Power OSM Recloser system with RC Control, but augments the offering with any additional peripheral sensors, earth switches or protection that is not typically available in a pole top solution.

A NOJA Power GMK Installed in NSW – HV Cable Connection Compartment
A NOJA Power GMK Installed in NSW – HV Cable Connection Compartment

Developed through collaboration projects in the Australia Pacific region with Mining, Private Enterprise and Utility partners, the NOJA Power GMK acts as an integrated solution for connection of distributed generation. For mining companies, the NOJA Power GMK allows for a semi-mobile installation of switchgear, which can be repositioned on site as requirements emerge. The additional environmental protection offered by the total stainless-steel design ensures that any auxiliary protection or communication equipment is insulated from hazardous environments.

A basic single line diagram is shown below, highlighting the use of a conventional recloser as the core circuit breaker, complemented by a manual earth switch on the load side of the equipment. The NOJA Power RC Control system offers a full range of protection, automation and synchronisation capabilities. By placing the NOJA Power OSM Recloser arrangement in the GMK, the connection on site becomes as simple as terminating cables onto the DIN Profile terminals, with all secondary and primary testing completed at the factory prior to shipment.

Figure 1: Basic SLD for a NOJA Power GMK Assembly
Figure 1: Basic SLD for a NOJA Power GMK Assembly

Whilst the standard unit offers sufficient synchronisation and standard protection capabilities, a few common augmentations to the product include:

  • Metering equipment, allowing the full system to be used as a meter point.
  • Differential Protection CTs
  • T type Dead Break Elbows, allowing for Earthing of individual cables during HV disconnection

These augmentations to the standard SLD provide significant flexibility in applications for the product, allowing for a turnkey solution to Distributed Generation and Asset Protection with minimised commissioning requirements.

“The ground mount kiosk name ‘GMK’ is indicative of NOJA Power’s overhead focus,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O“Sullivan. ”This product brings all the functionality embedded in our auto reclosing circuit breaker overhead products to the ground for use with underground systems and is finding significant application as the interface point between large MV customers and distribution networks.”
“Having the ability to house additional equipment such as revenue metering with the circuit breaker in one kiosk complete with an earth switch has provided a neat cost-effective solution for consultants selecting equipment to meet the requirements of DNSP’s for direct customer connections such as embedded generation, mining and industrial customers,” says Glen Harris, NOJA Powers’ Sales Manager for the Australia Pacific Region. “The robust stainless-steel construction is suited for the harshest of environments and unlike most pad mount switches all switching operations are conducted either remotely or via the LV compartment keeping the operator well clear of the HV compartment, in turn providing a much safer switching operation.”

With multiple projects already completed throughout the region, NOJA Power is committed to sharing expertise and supporting Distributed Generation stakeholders in solving their grid connection challenges.

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