Press Release October 2020

The NOJA Power Outdoor Circuit Breaker

Electrical engineering switchgear classification is a challenging topic. With the varied terminology for electrical equipment around the world, clarity on what an Outdoor Circuit Breaker can become clouded. Questions abound, such as,

“Is a dead tank breaker the same thing as metal clad switchgear?”,

Press Release February 2019

NOJA Power Achieves ISO 50001 Certification

ISO 50001 Certificate of Registration

ISO 50001 Certificate of Registration

Australian switchgear engineering firm are celebrating their certification to the ISO 50001 standard for Energy Management. As an organisation committed to developing environmentally friendly switchgear for the electricity distribution grid, accreditation to this standard was a natural step.

Press Release February 2017

Pennsylvania’s first NOJA Power Reclosers

Commissioning team conduct safety brief

Commissioning team conduct safety brief.

21 January 2017, Hatfield Pennsylvania - On a frosty cold morning in Hatfield Pennsylvania, a group of engineers and technicians gather at the base of a NOJA Power OSM Recloser installation. Among them are representatives of the local municipality, the local engineering consultants, the local contractors and delegates from recloser manufacturer NOJA Power.

Press Release May 2016

Switchgear Evolved: Hybrid Switchgear in the Modern Distribution Network

Figure 1: A Single Line Diagram of a Ring Feed with Reclosers

Figure 1: A Single Line Diagram of a Ring Feed with Reclosers.

Modern distribution network switchgear is nothing short of an engineering marvel. Born to operate in the most demanding conditions under 30 years of electrical abuse, blizzards, dust-storms and everything in between, Reclosers have been the go-to solution for most distribution network engineers since their invention eons ago.