NOJA Power

Legacy Products

NOJA Power RC-01 Recloser Controller

RC-01 Recloser Controller

The Original NOJA Power Recloser Controller, RC-01ES. Early units used a smaller form factor aluminium enclosure. The "ES" suffix denoted "English Stainless Steel" - the second generation of the product.

NOJA Power 210 Series OSM Recloser

210 Series OSM Recloser

This OSM Recloser was an evolution of the 200 series, which incorporated NOJA Power's advanced composite Current Transformers into the legacy unit.

It was the first 15 kV and 27 kV unit compatible with NOJA Power's RC-10 Recloser Control, inspiring the series name increment.

Other key differences from the subsequent 300 and 310 series include polycarbonate insulation, side-grasping mounting brackets and an alternative actuator design.

210/213 Series OSM Reclosers are compatible with the RC-10, RC-15, and RC-20 Recloser Control Systems.

NOJA Power 079 Series OSM Recloser

079 Series OSM Recloser

NOJA Power's very first Integrated Recloser System. This device used an Aluminium tank, offering exceptional lightweight performance. Last manufactured in 2004.

This OSM Recloser can be connected to the current RC-10 platform using the RC-10-200 adaptor system.

NOJA Power 200 Series OSM Recloser

200 Series OSM Recloser

NOJA Power's first Stainless Steel OSM Recloser tank design. This model used Rogowski coil's for current sensing, offering weight saving and wide operating ranges, as an engineering compromise against performance in Sensitive Earth Fault detection.

The new OSM300/310 series products use advanced composite CT's solving this compromise.

OSM200 Reclosers were originally shipped with the RC-01 controller, and can be updated to RC-10 generation controllers through use of the RC-01-200 adaptor system.

Motor Control Centres and Switchboards

Motor Control Centres and Switchboards

Custom designed for Low Voltage Switchboard projects in Australia. Key projects included Gladstone port terminals and Brisbane Tunnels.

Low Voltage Metering Cabinets

Low Voltage Metering Cabinets

These modular stainless steel cabinets were developed and manufactured to house Low Voltage Metering equipment. Various sizes and configurations were offered.