AMPLA Smart Grid Initiative

“Whether its 2 or 2000 reclosers, RMS Electric / NOJA Power work hard to ensure the best technical solutions are delivered to our customers and their requirements are achieved to complete satisfaction. The successful long term relationship of RMS and AMPLA, is one example of the many successful projects in Brazil” says Bruno Kimura from RMS Electric.

TELUS and OSM Reclosers Provide Smart Grid Solution

NOJA Power’s OSM Reclosers are shipped with the TELUS software package. The TELUS software package allows engineers to remotely analyse fault data configuration settings, accessing detailed data such as fault profiles and remotely changing protections settings. These abilities can be used to provide in depth remote monitoring and control of the OSM smart reclosers.

Trinidad & Tobago Electricity take delivery of NOJA Power OSM Reclosers

Fiji Electricity Authority Remote Controls NOJA Power Reclosers

Due to the nature of the radio network and the topology of the islands of Fiji, FEA has to overcome black spots in this communications infrastructure to remote control remotely installed NOJA Power reclosers. As a result a recent trial has been undertaken to install GSM modems in several devices to prove this form of Scada and remote control.

Reliable Power Thanks To NOJA Power Reclosers

The installation has eliminated frequent and lengthy power outages from affecting the entire network.Conditions are now reduced to short outages in isolated areas of the network allowing the mine to operate efficiently with minimum interruptions.