Press Release March 2014

300 series single triple ACR from NOJA Power meets demands of U.S. electricity distribution sector

Single Triple Automatic Circuit Recloser

Single Triple Automatic Circuit RecloserSingle Triple Automatic Circuit Recloser

Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces the release of its 300 series single triple Automatic Circuit Recloser (ACR). The 300 series single triple product is based on the company’s proven OSM38 single pole ACR combined with the comprehensively re-engineered RC10 controller to meet the specific demands of the U.S. electricity distribution sector.

Press Release May 2006

Live Line Work: Is Your Switchgear Fault Contained?

 NOJA Power recloser diagram

NOJA Power is delivering better performing and more reliable electrical distribution networks to Australians

Although this is common practice, what are the safety issues, and how can switchgear manufacturers design products which increase safety for live-line workers?

According to NOJA Power's Managing Director, Mr Neil O'Sullivan, the answer is to use reclosers that are arc fault contained and vented in accordance with the requirements of IEC60298 Annex AA.