Press Release February 2020

Protecting the Four Wire Distribution System

NOJA Power Single-Triple OSM Recloser

NOJA Power Single-Triple OSM Recloser

20 Feb 2020 – Electrical switchgear engineering firm NOJA Power has confirmed successful installations and service performance of their Single Triple OSM Recloser product in over 10 US states.

Press Release November 2014

NOJA Power Opens U.S. Sales & Support Office and Gains USDA RUS Acceptance for OSM Series Automatic Circuit Reclosers

NOJA Power OSM single triple recloser

NOJA Power 300 Series Single Triple offers coordinated protection for U.S. four-wire electricity distribution systems.

Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces the opening of its U.S. sales and support office in Alpharetta, Georgia.