The Distribution Network Solution to High Impedance Fault Detection

7 March 2017, Brisbane, Australia - NOJA Power releases new Admittance Protection for its suite of OSM Reclosers with RC10 Control. Admittance Protection provides engineers with greatly increased capability to detect high impedance earth faults, providing an alternative solution to achieve higher sensitivity than offered by conventional earth fault protection.

NOJA Power backs call for IEC 61850 to extend beyond automated electricity substations to coordinate communication between future grids’ FPIR equipment

NOJA Power New Brazilian Office Factory Empowering Latin American Utilities

AMPLA Smart Grid Initiative

“Whether its 2 or 2000 reclosers, RMS Electric / NOJA Power work hard to ensure the best technical solutions are delivered to our customers and their requirements are achieved to complete satisfaction. The successful long term relationship of RMS and AMPLA, is one example of the many successful projects in Brazil” says Bruno Kimura from RMS Electric.

NOJA Power Auto Recloser Perfect Solution For Sectionalising

TELUS and OSM Reclosers Provide Smart Grid Solution

NOJA Power’s OSM Reclosers are shipped with the TELUS software package. The TELUS software package allows engineers to remotely analyse fault data configuration settings, accessing detailed data such as fault profiles and remotely changing protections settings. These abilities can be used to provide in depth remote monitoring and control of the OSM smart reclosers.

ENERGEX Reaps Benefits of OSM Installations

Commencing in 2003/04 financial year ENERGEX installed approximately 50 NOJA Power OSM automatic circuit reclosers (ACR's) on predominantly its urban network. In the majority of cases a single recloser was placed at the half-way point along the backbone or main trunk of the feeder.

Keeping the lights and heaters on in Europe's winter