Press Release May 2021

How to Upgrade to an RC20 Controller

NOJA Power RC20 Recloser Controller

NOJA Power’s flagship Recloser Controller, the RC20, is now a globally available control option for the OSM Recloser.

Bringing Synchrophasors, High Resolution Data Capture and Power Quality recording up the 64th Harmonic, the system is designed as a single control platform for distributed generation connections and advanced smart grid implementations. The RC20 is also compatible with the award-winning NOJA Power Analytics, a cloud infrastructure implementation for harvesting and analysing Synchrophasor Data.



NOJA Power RC20 Controller with OSM Recloser under installation in Queensland Australia.


“Our existing customers and installations can easily upgrade from RC10 or RC15 controls to RC20 by simply replacing the existing control,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

“With the onboard 4G modem the RC20 control can interface to the customer SCADA using their existing communications medium and separately and securely interface to the NOJA Power Analytics Cloud to stream synchrophasor data or even stream synchrophasor data directly to the utilities Cloud solution.”

Existing installations of NOJA Power OSM Reclosers with RC10 or RC15 controllers can be easily upgraded to the RC20 Control. All existing protection and automation functionality is available in the RC20 alongside the new RC20-only features.

The Control Cable Connection is universal across these products. Upgrading to the RC20 simply involves a Low-voltage-only controller replacement. The existing installation control cable and LV supply connection can be reused to connect an RC20.

The upgrade to the RC20 also provides a new warranty for the control system, along with access to future system upgrades planned for the NOJA Power Recloser Control platform.

For more information, visit or contact your local NOJA Power Distributor.