Press Release August 2013

Updated NOJA Power ACR Control and Management Software Suits Portable Computing

NOJA Power’s proven Control and Management Software (CMS) for its OSM Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACR) has been completely revised to run on Windows 8-powered portable devices and simplify system updates.

NOJA Power field engineer in a storm

Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces the release of version 2.0 of its Control and Management Software (CMS). CMS is a configuration tool used with NOJA Power’s OSM range of Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACR) and associated RC10 controllers (see “About the NOJA Power OSM range” below). CMS has been completely revised and uses a new architecture that suits the working methods of utility technicians who are increasingly reliant on portable- and tablet-computers for the configuration and control of ACRs.

Brisbane, Qld, Australia – August, 2013 – Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces the availability of a remotely-mounted HMI panel connected by fibre optic cable to the RC10 cubicle used to control an OSM range Automatic Circuit Recloser (ACR). The remote panel option allows operators to configure several ACRs from a single 19-in rack in a safe and climate-proof control room.

CMS 2.0 now runs seamlessly on Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system (OS) for portable computers and touchscreen devices such as tablet computers. In addition, CMS 2.0 supports simple automatic software updates (with the user’s permission) of the CMS package. The previous version of CMS was based on Microsoft’s SQL Server architecture and was less well suited to portable computing devices because of the network security restrictions typical of the enterprise computing systems that were required to support the software.

CMS 2.0’s main functions are:

  • Uploading event logs to a computer for analysis;
  • Running power system simulations for testing purposes;
  • Viewing real time and historical system measurements;
  • Configuring protection and SCADA communications settings;
  • ACR operation;
  • Remote connection and control through a range of communications equipment;
  • Construction of logic expressions to create custom functionality and SCADA protocol points.

Other significant improvements to CMS 2.0 include upgrades to the user interface such as an integrated help file system.

By basing CMS 2.0 on an architecture suited to portable computing the user can now more easily leverage all the features of the software. For example, the software enables easier access to the logic expression generator. This feature allows customers to complement the standard system software by adding custom functions such as additional SCADA protocol points.

“The previous version of CMS worked well, but was designed to work on corporate networks equipped with servers behind firewalls,” says Neil O’Sullivan, Managing Director of NOJA Power. “CMS 2.0 is lightweight, portable and suits the contemporary way of working using laptops, tablets and smartphones.

“The new version of the software provides a platform which meets the demands of customers today but also provides NOJA Power with a product that we can continue to enhance in the future. For example, later this year we will incorporate features that will allow the utility technician to automatically download the latest version of the RC10 firmware onto his laptop whenever he connects to the Internet - rather than visiting our website to check for new versions and manually downloading. The updated firmware can then be installed to the RC10 controller automatically from his computer when the technician arrives on site.”

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