Press Release September 2011

NOJA Power Supplies Reliable Power to FIFA World Cup Tournament

NOJA Power’s OSM Auto Recloser has been successfully used by Power Technologies Incorporated SA (PTI) to provide reliable power for the FIFA U-20 World Cup Tournament 2011 held in Columbia.

world cup tournament reliable power diagram

FIFA required all stadiums used in the tournament to have two power sources in case of power failure. EDEQ (Empresa de Energía del Quindío S.A. E.S.P) the power utility responsible for the stadium in the Quindío region, worked with PTI and NOJA Power to supply and implement a solution to automatically switch power source in the event normal supply is lost.

PTI successfully designed and implemented a safe, cost efficient solution using NOJA Power’s solid dielectric insulation, arc fault contained recloser tanks. NOJA Power automatic recloser was chosen as a solution due to its ability to sense and measure current and voltage in both directions and its inbuilt Automatic Back Feed Restoration (ABR) feature which allows supply to be restored automatically without a crew or an operator on site.

Figure 1 shows the power network for the World Cup stadium. If normal supply is lost for any reason, the NOJA Power Recloser Automatic Back Feed Restoration (ABR) feature detects a loss of supply and automatically closes to restore supply.

This automation is made possible by the unique design of the NOJA Power recloser which allows the simultaneous measurement of voltage on both sides of equipment (source and load) through its voltage capacitive sensors in all 6 bushings. This makes the transfer fully automatic. The switching time can be set from 0 to 180s which can be used to allow for grading with other switching devices while minimizing the recovery time.

The NOJA Power OSM Recloser and its ABR automation feature allowed PTI and EDEQ to successfully gurantee a reliable power source for what turned out to be a very successful U20 FIFA World Cup Tournament.

Operation of the automatic transfer through NOJA Power Recloser

Operation of the automatic transfer through NOJA Power Recloser