Press Release March 2010

NOJA Power Motor Control Centres Empowers Queensland Coal Export

The 70 metre high, 1380-tonne bulk coal ship-loader, has been transported from Brisbane to the Abbot Point Bulk Coal Terminal site.

bulk coal ship-loader

The ship loader switchroom is complete with NOJA Power’s intelligent Motor Control Centres controlling and monitoring the materials handling and machine movements.

The ship-loader, constructed by John Holland (Energy and Resources) and housing the NOJA Power MCC switchgear, is part of the $818 million Abbot Point X50 Expansion Project, and will assist in increasing the ports coal export capacity to 50 million tonnes per annum, by increasing the peak average loading rate to 7200 tonnes per hour.

To reliably monitor and control the coal materials at high speed, NOJA Power’s MCCs has incorporated integrated DOL and stand alone Variable Speed motor drives, interfaced to a plant-wide control and monitoring system.

NOJA Power uses Devicenet and Controlnet protocols over a communications bus to monitor and control of the motor drives. DOL Motor drive Information is provided by high end Intelligent Motor Overload units whilst Variable Speed motor control is achieved using “Powerflex” drives installed together with Line Reactors, housed in proprietary fan cooled enclosures, and mounted separately from the main MCC.

The MCCs are designed to AS/NZS 3439.1 and pass a comprehensive Factory Acceptance Testing prior to commissioning at the machine site. The safety interface to the control system utilises carrier range of equipment and systems, designed for the highest level of conveyor safety and control. Each motor drive cell door is fitted with a Voltage Vision device to provide unambiguous indication of an energised motor drive.

To cope with the harsh environment of the portside, the MCCs are manufactured using a specific electrostatic powder coating process, with a high Ingress Protection index. All busbars are fabricated using tinned copper and each tier is fitted with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors.

The NOJA Power MCC is an ideal choice as it provides the designer with flexible options including full depth cable ways utilised to accommodate the control and monitoring hardware without requiring additional tier space.

NOJA Power’s sophisticated MCCs help to improve the efficiency of the giant ship loader and boosts Queensland’s coal export capacity.